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I also love journaling, I make journals with my own paintings and drawings, like sketchbooks but a bit different in layout and decorating. I also keep journals for my 7-year old son, with his own drawings or stories about things we've done, or photographs of places we've been to. It is so much fun although I am behind a little, I'll always come back to it.

I love junk journaling! I didn't know it was still a thing. Last one I made was in 2012, and sadly I got rid of it during my downsizing purge of 2014 before I moved. I may have to whip one up now smiley

@Marjan: sounds wonderful

@Mary: i don't ever think it completely stopped, but some of it is kind of everything old is made new again... (pun not intended) lol smiley

Gillian are you still on Nevermore creations 17 design team?

Lorien I am sure it is just a "fad" but guess one never knows how long it will last, to my knowledge it has been around for 10 or so years (maybe even longer) I have been doing journals for 2 years now and I know I will not be quitting any time soon smiley

Shawna when i first got into junk journals I really struggled with OCD and it got in the way of making journals, but now I have learnt to ease up on the OCD part of things when it come to making them, so much better now smiley

Some of my favorite journal artist/crafters on You Tube include:
481 Designs
Beths Journal Boutique
Creative Cafe Girl
Did Somebody Say Paper
IzzyBee Craft Creations
Tracy Fox LoveJunk Journals
Wendy's Journal Adventure
Yvonne Preston

Stay creative!

Thanks for the list Karen!

Not sure if I understood you or not, but as far as other things like tags, pockets etc... I usually make my own shapes (you can do this in many programs) then, I line the shapes up using a ruler and grid in photoshop, setting them where I want them, and then I create 2 new layers, one black and one white, and cut out the shapes I made in the black and white layers... That leaves me with a page with the cutouts of the shapes I made, and all you have to do is line up your inages underneath.

I am sure that sounds confusing lol.... Here is an example of what I mean, you are welcome to snag the template if it will help you, this one is just for cards and tags.

Here is the full image CLICK HERE

Since the editor thingy here would not let me upload a png without whiting out the middle,
you will have to use your eraser tool to cut away the white area again, sorry.

And here is an example of a finished card product for my customers to cut out.

Hope that helps. There are many ways to do this, but I like having the templates to just scoot the images under.

wow never heard of junk journaling! soo much out there!!

So what is junk journaling?

Templates are certainly a wonderful thing. I often find myself making templates like that when working on things like website banners, cards, etc., where my canvas is larger and then I just have a partially transparent grey layer with a cutout where the final product will be. This way I can also nudge things around underneath, then later use the template layer to select the correct stuff and crop as needed for the flattened version.

@Laura: Here's a flip through of one of my paper junk journals, although those are certainly done in my own style and you'll find a lot of variation. I think the templates Angela is sharing are to print and use physically as well. I'm not sure if anyone does the whole thing digitally, because the journal part seems to be an important aspect you can't really get digitally. Basically, for me, the idea is to take scraps and "junk" paper you have lying around and make a journal with it. Some people use more junk that others smiley

@Karen That list you shared is jam packed full of inspiration for junque journaling! Thanks so much!!!!

I've never heard of junk journaling. What exactly is it?

@Stephanie Marissa has a ton of videos and pics on YouTube and Insta. I think it is much easier to see what it is than to be told. To me it is very eclectic.

You can see my junk journal pics here. Although the great thing about junk journaling is that it's highly personal. So definitely check out the general junk journal tag too!

I also make my own junk journals and usually do it by using Traveler style notebook - it's basically a leather cover that allows you to insert whatever you want in it. I like to use all kinds, literally, of paper: old packaging, scrapbook paper, tomoe river paper (i buy individual sheets), cards, copy paper, thicker board paper, parchment paper, vellum, etc. there are plenty of youtube tutorials on making your own journals or altering a book to be a journal.
Johanna Clough is one of my favorites for tutorials

I love to journal and I have created several junk journals. I am given some as gifts.

I would love to see them Jacqueline!