My profile picture is displaying sideways

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My profile picture is displaying sideways

My profile picture which is the correct way on my computer is turned sideways after it uploads. Is there a way to fix it? Everything looks funny at this angle and my neck hurts. smiley Will someone please help me?

@Michelle LOL, i saw that and thought that you were trying to be creative! I hope they figure it out because no one wants a neck that hurts!

Hi Michelle! sorry about your photo and your neck! smiley if the photo was taken in landscape orientation, it is possible that your computer program displays the photo correctly by auto-correcting the orientation. try saving the photo while it is open on your computer in the correct orientation (you can change the name of the file if you'd like to keep the original photo file) then re-uploading it to Pixel Scrapper. we'll keep an eye on your profile photo to see if this works! hope this helps smiley

Hi Michelle, sorry for the photo trouble! What Elizabeth said is correct: your photo was probably taken in landscape, and is being auto-rotated for display on your computer. Unfortunately, Pixel Scrapper cannot detect the orientation the photo was taken in when you upload it. If you open your photo in a program like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, rotate it correctly, save it, and then upload it again, that should solve the problem (as Elizabeth indicated).

Let us know if you continue to have trouble!

Thank you everyone...that feels and looks so much better.

Hey Michelle, it's great to see you right side up!! ps: very sweet photo smiley