Hidden Talents?

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Hidden Talents?

What are your other hobbies, hidden talents, stupid people tricks????

I can design and build my own furniture. I like simple, so it works for me. I don't need all the frou-frou, frilly, embellished - I just like simple, clean lines in my furniture and am more "functional".

I've recently taken up genealogy to some degree, mostly to organize my husband's tree for their upcoming reunion, but ran across some stuff about my own grandfather in the process that was pretty interesting!

I can also produce my own music, edit music and video, etc. And I can DJ.

My background (professionally) is in IT support, so I'm really good at figuring out technical issues and training. I can design and maintain websites. I even figured out how to publish an Android app on my own.

I'm also really good at, what I would call, being a consumer liaison. You know when you're having an issue with a product or company, how to get results type-thing.

And I'm pretty good at project management/event planning type things, too.

I'm also a fantastic PTO board member! smiley I can come up with great teacher appreciation items!

And I garden...well, I try to grow the things we purchase at the store (for way too much money, in my opinion)!

What are your hidden talents????

I love that you can do so many things! I'm the same way (in different aspects).

I started learning/taking photography last winter (Feb 2012) when I moved to NC and got my first digital camera. I love it as a hobby, not as a potential career.

I'm a total computer geek, and well tech geek in general I guess! I'm the person everyone calls when there is something wrong with their computer or most tech issues haha. In January, I'll be starting my degree in computer information technology- applications development so I can become some kind of web programmer/designer/admin. And hopefully if that goes well I'd also like to get a degree in computer engineering so I can take them apart and fix them because I love taking things apart.

Another thing I'm great at is anything to do with cooking, especially quick fixes for things that go wrong while cooking. My gram started teaching me how to cook when I was like 4 so I've always loved cooking and I'm pretty good at it and extremely creative. Baking on the other hand is my downfall haha! I can do quite a few things but man when it comes to brownies, forget it!

I'm also good at managing basically everything, whether it's projects or people. It also goes hand in hand with event planning, which I'm pretty incredible at if I do say so myself. I've helped plan 3 weddings, none of which were mine so my friends apparently think I'm quite the event planner as well.

One of my favorite hidden talents is my knack for remembering everything and every little detail about things.

I'm sure there are more hidden talents of mine but I'm tired and can't remember anything at the moment! smiley

I tiled my entire house and have installed a tiled shower complete with trim.

I replaced the flour and door moulding in my entire house and helped to build two custom made vanities for our bathrooms. I also changed out all of our electrical switches/recepticles as well as changing out our bathroom light fixtures.

I am a whiz at doing cement (making it from pebbles, sand and cement-not premade) work and laying pavers. Paved where our front tree lawn was on the other side of our sidewalk. Built a concrete step for our 14 ft shed on the side of the house.

Make all of my own formal (glittery) gowns for our cruises.

I could calculate with the 10 key adding machine faster than anyone else in my accounting office. And it was accurate!

I'd love to see some photos of all of the work you talented ladies have created! Wow! You guys are talented...or gifted...for sure!

Paper writing is my super power. My best to date is researching and writing a 20 pg paper in under 48 hours. That included a break for the opera and mass.
I read and write French decently. I can read Latin, Greek, and Hebrew enough to get my degree smiley
I made a pavlova on the first try without it falling.

-I am great at connecting people - you know that social networking stuff like present this friend to that friend and they get along very well/start working together and so on;

-I can understand a bit of Japanese without having propely studying it smiley

-I used to be very good at taking different kinds of stains out of clothes - However, now that I have cats I´m not that good anymore, because sometimes it required the clothes to be imersed on some kind of product that is toxic for cats for a somehow long time. I prefer don´t risk it with fur babies around;

-People LOVE my voice at microphones, and I can be a good speaker - I have even worked as a professional storyteller.

-I have worked on a pet shop too, so I can give different kinds of baths to dogs and cats - and making them look good even if their long fur look like a mess before starting.

-I know how to properly organise phisical archives and libraries.

-I´m a certified second degree Reiki adept.

Wow! You ladies are talented. I'm good with mechanical things (I have a degree in Industrial Engineering). I even can fix my own car - if it doesn't require big heavy tools or to go up on a hoist. I love power tools and know how to use most power tools better than most men. smiley I'm pretty good with anything to do with computers - much to my shagrin since all my family comes to me when they have computer problems. I'm also really good with conceptualizing 3D objects from flat diagrams - something that really helped when I was a practicing engineer.

WOW talented ladies. I am a craft person quilter, knit crochet beadwork, miniatures to mention a few. I mentioned before that I lived and worked in a Boy Scout Camp for 25 years. I was the business manager and handicrafts director. At handicrafts I taught basket making, leather working, wood carving, metal working and Textiles. Before moving to the camp I worked in a miniature shop as the person who did the custom building.

I can do basic repairs around the house and like Janet can lay tiles and do grout work. I helped tile the dining hall kitchen and commissary at camp. First I taught my hubby and another gentleman how then between the three of us we laid the new tile floor.

Now that we have our own place and I am not tied up during the summer I am trying my hand at gardening hahaha and squirrel fighting because the squirrel eats my plants faster than I can plant them.

Landscaping and gardening are my favorite summer activities around the house. I had my first paying job in landscaping Saturday. To get paid to plant is probably the best thing ever.

Fall and winter I delve into genealogy more. I've been doing it for 16 years and it never gets boring to me. I just completed my aunt's tree(aunt by marriage) and she actually paid me to do it. Another great feeling. I understand what people say about getting paid to do what you love now.

I embroider, by hand. I quilt. 3d artwork. Make jewelry.

WOW!! You all have amazing talents and I am VERY impressed!! wowww!!

I like a well landscaped yard and flowers and all... but it sure is not my forte!! We have more weeds than we know what to do with. LOL I do have a pink concrete wall with plants in it and around it now, though. I can put store-bought insert slot A into tab B sort of things, swing sets, computer desks, cupboards. I did build shelves in our bedroom closet on each side from scratch and got them painted. Looking at them now, not closely mind you, they don't look too bad and they aren't going to fall down without a lot of help.

I knit and crochet, started working on socks, have cross stitched (small things, I like the instant gratification thing), song writer, have written a few children's picture books (no pictures and not published LOL), make a joyful noise, pound at the piano from time to time and I have an autoharp and am not afraid to use it.

Wow such a variety of talent.

Myself - I knit and crochet, Embroider, cross stitch, quilt (Machine quilt), sew, paint, craft, scrapbook. I guess a jack of all trades. I have degrees in Computers and Education, so I can take apart and rebuilt computers and other electronics. I love to garden, swimming and my grandchildren. .

I envy those who have garden skills, lol. I have no affinity with it. I tried to have a garden in my first married house, and was a disaster.

Wow- such an amazing group. In addition to scrapbooking, I love to paint, quilt, and take photographs.

Wow! There are some very talented people on this forum, aren't there?

My super power? I can pack: suitcase, box, dishwasher, car, etc. I just see how the items will fit together to make the best use of the space given. My husband's family is amazed by my packing prowess. I learned from my Dad and honed my skills by traveling with some of my friends. We've actually had bell captains summon their staff to see how we packed the rolling cart for the trip from the car to the room or the room to the car. People are astounded that we can cram all of that stuff into our car(s). (The ladies and I do not travel light. I think we have a three outfit per day minimum.)

I design my own knitting and crochet patterns, love crafts, make my own wine and beer, am an amateur photographer and am always learning something new.

Research is one of my strengths. I love researching obscure facts and helping others with their family history/genealogy. My eldest brother suggested I become a professional genealogist, and I'm seriously considering going for my certification. I actually enjoy keeping up with the details and tracking down an elusive document.

As a certified event and wedding planner, I love helping others plan their events, whether a small party or a large fundraiser. I've been helping plan events since I was about 9 years old, so I have a year or two of experience. My husband knows that spontaneous trips are a challenge for me as I want to go and research the best way to get to our destination, what we might stop and see along the way and what we should and shouldn't do once we're there.

I have an amazing talent for dealing with difficult teenagers -- I have spent the past 14+ years working with juvenile offenders in a residential treatment facility. When I taught in public school, I always gravitated to the "bad" kids, so why not do work that I have a passion and talent for? smiley In my current position, I get to teach, do treatment, and make a difference in the lives of some kids who just need to know someone cares about them.

I also do some amateur photography and I'm very crafty. I started paper scrapbooking back in 1997, I think... when Michaels was the only place to buy supplies, and they were very limited. I go through cycles of crafting... painting ceramics, sewing, crocheting, etc.

Genealogy is one of "everlasting" hobbies, I never truly put it away completely. In fact, I've been working on updating all my files this weekend!