I cant make up my mind

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I cant make up my mind

I love getting the bundles from here, and I tell you it is so hard to decide which one to get because each and every single one is just amazing and since I am constantly making books for people its hard to decide which bundle to get!!!!! I face yet again another choice of which ones I want to get for my grandmothers book!!!!! Now I know how my 4 year old feels when he cant decide on what type of desert he wants!!!!

Haha. I know all about dessert indecision. Sorry for making things difficult. smiley

LOL it's all good!!!!

LOL, what I o about desert indecision is: I get them all. Digiscrap indecision is hard, because HD space don´t refill everyday as stomach space smiley

LOL. It is so hard to decide!! Use them all!!!