Vote for my Entry, Please? I'll give away a whole Kit!

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Vote for my Entry, Please? I'll give away a whole Kit!

I entered a contest to win an $80 gift card. I need people to vote for me. I hope it's okay to post this here.

This is my entry:

And you can vote for it here:

Thank you guys in advanced, and sorry if this kind of thing isn't tolerated here!

If you vote, comment here and I'll give away an entire kit!

sent in my vote and good luck!

voted smiley best of luck

Thanks ladies, I'll be emailing you a link to a kit in the next few days so keep an eye out for it!!

Guys I have only until midnight tonight to get the rest of these votes.

This is the link

Click like at the top

Scroll down and find my entry

Click like

That's It.

By the way, this is the kit I'll be emailing anyone who COMMENTS HERE that they voted.

Hi Renee, I voted, good luck!

Hi Renee, I voted and you are in the lead by six votes....come one everyone let's get those votes in!!!!

I just voted for you! Good would be awesome if you won! smiley Keep us updated!

I just voted.... looks like your winning this!!! Best of Luck!

Guys I won (I tied with the cheater at 98 Votes!) I'll be sending each of you guys a link to the scrapbook kit very soon! Thank you all for voting!

Congrats Renee!


I sent the link to most of you guys. Laura Fraser, I have to send yours later because this site only lets me send 5 messages an hour. I'm looking forward to see what you guys create with this kit. If you do make a layout, be sure to mention that the kit is by Renee Biggie of smiley