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Famous People + Concerts

The "who are you related to" thread and the "who do you want to see in concert" thread made me think of a new topic
What is your best/weirdest/most ridiculous outing story?

When I was 16 years old I was taken to my first real concert. My parents contend that they took me to an Oasis + Journey concert when I was 12, but I don't remember it.

I digress.

So, 16 years old. The Black Crowes are coming to town, and Bob Dylan is playing as well. My dad's best friend is Dave and Dave's brother, Steve, is the drummer of the Black Crowes.


My dad is a bit of a concert junkie. He stayed in college an extra year to go to Grateful Dead Concerts. He's probably been backstage more than he's told me. So, of course the concert is free for him, and he decides that I'm old enough to go now. We go and I'm grooving to Bob Dylan. I see my dad is standing over beside the stage railing, talking to Dave and Steve. They motion me over.
"Do you want to go backstage after the show?"
Well yeah!
So Dylan finishes, the Crowes play. Kate Hudson is standing up there with a giant wineglass in one hand and cigarette in the other, watching her husband rock out. Finally, the concert is over. I'm so excited! More because of Kate Hudson, but whatever. I go back and I get to say hello to a few of the Black Crowe guys. I don't say much, because Super Awkward Autistic Girl.
And then Steve asks me if I want a soda. I'm thirsty, so yeah.
He mentions that they're behind me in a cooler. What I don't realize is he's saying that because HE'S going to grab me one.
I quickly spin around, because - again - poor motor skills due to the autism, and end up inches away from Bob Dylan's face.

I almost headbutted Bob Dylan.

He stares at me

I stare at him.

I grab my soda and dart.


Oh that's a good one.

I worked at a "resort" here called Chico Hot Springs. As a rule we get a lot of celebrity type people here and Chico was no exception.

We got word that Arnold Schwarzneggar and his wife and kiddies were coming out. After cleaning our normal rooms, the housekeeping staff loaded up and went up the mountain to the big cabin to deep clean. Maria was very specific. We had to use ladders and even dust between the logs. All new light bulbs in anything that needed bulbs. We had to use brushes on the rock work inside and out-everything with a specific cleanser that Maria insisted on. It took us 4 hours.

They landed. Drove up to the cabin. Told us we didn't know how to clean and LEFT.

I am not a fan.

Ugh, rude. Maria having domestic help her entire life, I'm guessing she doesn't know how to clean, either smiley

Holy rude! That's just nuts. I understand that there are a lot of people who live differently than the general population but that's just ridiculous!

I guess when you live a certain lifestyle you just think that's acceptable? The best person that I met while working there was Jack Palance. He was a total sweetheart and liked to eat his lunch down in our break room with us.

I missed seeing Katy Perry this winter while she was here with John Meyer. He has a house up the valley and they came into town to one of the bars. Darn me for not drinking smiley)