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I have just finished checking out the contributions and I must say you ladies are AWESOME.
Thanks so much for sharing.

You girls did an amazing job on this train!

Please forgive my ignorance, but why were all the parts based on ponds/frogs/fishes? I guess I didn't understand that when we voted for that color palette that that would be the theme. I thought the train was going to be more outdoor-related (biking, hiking, camping, national parks, etc.).

You ladies did an amazing job. I can not wait till the 1st. Thank You

@Liz: When we voted the palette was linked to the pond life theme.

Ladies, do you believe only today I could grab some portions of this blog train? June was a crazy month here... Sorry if I didn´t left you some love, but this blog train is really fantastic!

@Lorien: I didn't realize that, but in the future I will pay more attention... I'm not trying to be critical - I honestly thought I was voting for an outdoor kit (which you'd notice from my comments in that thread - about all the wonderful things you could do with those colors). Mais c'est la vie!