Just discovered "paste into"

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Just discovered "paste into"

magic wand

then presto

i feel like an idiot.

Don't feel like an idiot! You discovered a new tool! You can't know everything at once. It takes time (a lot of time) to learn a graphics program's full capabilities. I'm sure that everyone here - even the one's who have been doing this a long time - are still learning new things about their programs. That's part of the fun and feeling like you're growing and improving is part of the journey.

I don't even know what you're talking about! smiley Off to go discover it for myself, too!

Well, I still feel like an idiot because I'm not sure what you did! I can't recreate it.

I'm with you Tina. Could you elaborate a little more on what you discovered, A.D.?

@Cat Haha, thanks. But it seems so simple now. Before this I was beating my head over channels and masking.

@Tina, Melouise I used magic wand or lasso to select an area in my pic. Then I copy my newspaper (or anything you want) from a separate image. Then I go back to the pic and "paste into" the selection.

Im using the free cs 2. Dont know if it's the same for other versions. smiley

Having a big 'AHA' moment here; I know what you mean. I would probably make a mask too.... Easy, thanks for sharing!

I haven´t had this idea Ad! Thanks for sharing!

OM goodness! I just tried this and it is awesome! Sure beats clipping it to the item!

Well what a cool thing to do. Going off to work on that little technique myself. Thanks for sharing your "eureka" moment.

OMG! You're all kidding!

My pleasure guys. smiley

TFS this tip. I too would do like some of the other ladies create a clipping masks. Your way you've discovered is very quick! smiley

Laziness does have a purpose. smiley

I wouldn't call it laziness, it's called creativity to come up with a great solution when you had no idea! smiley and teach some of us something that have been around a loooong time. LoL

Oh my goodness, it's certainly not a lazy way of doing things. In my opinion it's a more intuitive way. I've always used this method in Paint Shop Pro. One thing to remember is by pasting into selection, you are pasting the entire image copied into a different space. This can cause some distortion to patterns, however that does not have to be a bad thing. The results can be quite pleasing. And if, for example, you want to paste into a selection that is bigger than what is copied, what is pasted will "stretch" to fit the selection. This result can have a bad outcome if the pasted image is "stretched" too much.

I don't even understand what masking has to do with any of these things. lol

Emerald, do you not have the ability to do a clipping mask in PSP? If I remember correctly I imagine most of us that are referring to "Clipping" are PhotoShop users, so maybe it's a program specific thing?

...I've always used this method in Paint Shop Pro. ...I don't even understand what masking has to do with any of these things. lol

@Shawna - Hmmm...thinking about all of this now and the results we are referring to here, yes, there is a way for me to use masking to achieve these results in PSP. Not too straightforward though, in my opinion. The two ways I stated before are the easiest ways to attach a paper to a specific shape. I, personally, have never heard the words "clipping mask" used though by PSPers. That term could very well be Photoshop specific...maybe. But really, I hesitate to speak for other PSP users because I'm not a member of any large group anymore. smiley

I know what you mean. My first few digi pages were made using Photo Impact, I think it was... way back in the day. I'm not even sure it exists any longer. If so, it's definitely a sparse group. smiley I would think if it's something called masking, it is probably very similar to what we are referring to, though.

I'm going to have to try that. smiley

@Emerald Thanks for sharing that! I have yet to discover how to "stretch" the copied image into the selection in cs2. Ive had to go back and forth until it fit. smiley

@Emerald -- Yay! I was thinking I might be the only one here who uses PSP. smiley I love, love, love pasting into selections. I use that a lot!