How to colour flower template

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How to colour flower template

Hi all, hope someone can help me. I downloaded paper flower template no. 27 which is a jpeg image, unlike most of the others which are psd files. I do not have photoshop but I do have gimp. I have watched the tutorial on how to colour flower image templates in photoshop, but the above image seems to have two layers that you can colour but because it is a jpeg image, how do I separate the layers to colour them with two different colours or papers etc. I have seen this template as an asset and it has three different colours to it. The tutorial I watched only had one layer to it and also I don't know if it was a psd file or a jpeg image. Any help would be great, thanks.

The way to recolor this template in photoshop would be bucket fill with tolerance adjustments. More or less the explained here I don´t know if there´s something like that on GIMP.

But there is possibly something wrong with the upload of it, as it is in JPEG... It probably should be either PSD or PNG... I will draw Marisa´s attention to it, and I hope she can give more feedback.

I've fixed the file, so it has the proper .PSD file attached now. Sorry about that!

Thanks Marisa, will I be able to re download the file as I have already downloaded the jpeg image.