Getting Started in the Forums

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Getting Started in the Forums

We're so glad you're here! Thanks for stopping by. There's so much happening in the Pixel Scrapper community it can be hard to know where to start, so here's a little help if you need it.

Now it's time to have FUN! Here are some topics where you can meet the community, so people can be more than just a face and a name, and so we can get to know you. The rewards are not only earning community points, but also the opportunity to be involved with a global community. Keep in mind that you don't need to read and/or post everywhere, but here are a few good threads to start with:

There are many other cool topics around. Stay tuned, express yourself, and have fun! smiley

Good gameplan. Thanks!

Just posted my introduction but I don't see it. What did I do wrong? I'm afraid to post--I'll probably mess it up! Is there a place where I can learn how to post correctly?

I don´t know what happened to your introduction, but I can see this post. Can you please post it again?

PS: I love your photo!

Thankyou....I have done some of that already. I am just wandering about the forum now, having a look around. smiley

I feel a little whelmed! I can't keep up with the new topics/replies.

Thank you so much this was a lot of fun reading about others and adding in my info smiley

Great idea to start interactions! I can't wait to join in the conversations.

This is a great website. I am looking forward to learning from everyone.

That is a great list Lórien, and so much fun, I am going to do most of them right now smiley

Thank you so very much for all these helpful links. I thanked you some where else too. Its very nice, and it very easily helps me learn my way around as well as learning new things about people here! Thank you! smiley smiley

Thanks so much for the info. love that we can communicate with others.

How do I do a search in the forums? I find it very overwhelming, there is so much information in here.

Hello Denise!

We still don´t have a internal search engine for the Pixel Scrapper forums. Our webmaster, Jordan, ask us to do the following to do a search:

You can use to search the Pixel Scrapper forums if necessary.

Just type this query into Google: forums [whatever you want to search for here]

So for example, if you wanted to find posts about cats and dogs you would type: forums cats and dogs

Thank you so much, this helps a ton. I am starting my children's life books and might have a lot of questions.

This post with the links is a very good idea to start with interacting.


Thanks! This is really useful!

Hello, I'm new and was wondering if anyone knew how long does it take to get approved for layout post?? I have done all requirements and submitted the request.

Thanks ahead of time.


I've been traveling lately, which is why I've been slow on the response, but your gallery access has been approved!