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The bars/clubs here were among the first placed to be closed. As a business, I can see the temptation to make money but I cannot understand the temptation to put human lives at risk.

On a positive note, the crime rate is down during this pandemic. smiley

smiley Thank you, Gina.

Stay safe, everybody, go home, stay home.

It is heartbreaking to read this thread and I hope everyone here will stay safe, have enough food and supplies of meds and other vital items.

My cousin (17) was just confirmed and her entire household is quarantined off. I am not sure whether the other members of her household will be Corona free.

I hope it is okay to ask here if you ladies are interested in a Coping with Corona Layout Challenge? There are several great pages about coping with Corona in the gallery already.

Yes to layout challenge.

On another positive note, air pollution is down all over the world.

The same things happen in Spain... I agree with making a "Coping with Corona Layout Challenge", in fact I have already made one and I used a freebie kit called COVID-19 MINI KIT FREEBIE that you can find here, if you are interested:

I have been working on a few elements for a covid-19 quarantine kit. I'm not sure I will ever finish it because I do still have to work.

Gina, thank you! It will be a pity if you can't finish it... it gives me and idea... about the kit I never uploaded, maybe there are some graphics I could upload to the Commons meanwhile.

Gina: looking forward to your kit! smiley
Sonia: I hear from a friend trying to leave Madrid they were stopped and sent back thus I read up on the situation in Spain and it sounds incredible and indeed extremely dangerous. Are you in Madrid? ... pls stay safe. Many thanks for the link, great freebie. I had a great Spain trip lined up ... cancelled from A to Z.

Bina, yes, we are the 3rd country with more deseases. Fortunately I don't leave in Madrid, I live in Barcelona, thank you for your interest.
I would love to know you in person! If all this stops and I am sure it will stop, you are invited to my home! xoxo!

Our President lockdown the Mainland Luzon (We have Three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.) I'm living in Makati (Makati is the financial center of the Philippines) which is part of National Capital Region, the seat of our government and located in Luzon. We are more than 12,877,253 living in the city alone and when the lockdown was announced, a lot of people panic and stocked up on food and other things. Others went home to their respective provinces resulting to more panic.

As of this writing, other people from neighboring cities (with a few exemptions) can't enter. We on the other hand, can't exit. They also added another layers of boundaries by locking down each district from leaving. Then another layer, you can only go around within your street. And another more, We are only allowed to go out from 8-10 AM and 3-5 PM market time window, one person per household will be allowed to go to market. Age limit will be from 18-60 years old only, and we need to bring the quarantine pass given to us 1 (per household). by night time, we have the 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM curfew.

Not all people here have a large homes to move around. To make matter worse, It's summertime and the need to go out to cool off is tempting each passing time. Fire during this time of the year is very normal in the city as we used more electricity to cool down.

Hubby is currently working from home.

Last week we got struck by two earthquakes. Not really a good time to have when we are trying to flatten the curve. My family is living day by day and hoping to be done by this sooner.

Thank you Sonia and Bina.

Tracy, How long have y'all been on lockdown?

I am fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. I am fortunate that I am allowed to work because I am in healthcare; I am unfortunate because I work in healthcare. It is a very stressful time but I try to keep my sanity and sense of humor. Most of my patients don't understand (and/or remember) the crisis so while I am with them, it's an escape from reality for me.

Tracy, thank you for sharing your situation: please be strong and think that you can count on us to share your thoughts and we will be here to listen to you and give you spirit.

Gina, all the world is with you, all the Doctors, nurses...medical people, also with the police and all those people who work under this pressure and pain because they are the ones who can help.

Here in Spain- and I guess/hope in other countries too-at 8pm we start clapping hands (we go out to our balconies and applaud) and it's very emotional. We do this to homage you and give you strenght, and while we make this we think in people like you.

Also for you, be strong, you have also friends here, one is me!

Sonia, I saw the applause on the news. It is very heartwarming!! I have always thanked our military and police but I cannot remember a time when the medical profession was applauded. It truly gives hope that together we will get through this.

This is what I'm working on.. most of the elements are hand (mouse) drawn.

Shelter in place was put into action this morning. All non-essential businesses ordered to close.

I just keep doing what needs doing, I have no choice as a housebound 7/24 caregiver. We have always practiced social distancing in our house, even before COVID. It is an absolute and not debatable requirement to prevent the loss of crockery. I also need crying and cussing privacy privileges.

(((Love and Prayers for All)))

I created a March Kit in Feb before this got out of hand. I saw what was coming and was asking my family to wash their hands (they look at me like I was nuts). I was told "there is not even one case in TN" Well now we have almost 700 in 19 days. One time I wish I was not valadated smiley

Anyway, my March kit was made for this virus. It is called Protection and it contans 30 Bible verses on God's Protection. Our Facebook Group has made one dex card a day.

Prayer for all of us.

Lynde, I understand wanting the priviliges. I am my husband's caretaker. He is 71, in a wheelchair, on oxygen 24/7, and crabby. I so get it. Trying to see it as a learning experience and a way to learn self control from grumbling (I have a long way to go). Did you know there are Facebook Groups for caregivers? Helps. Hug to you.

Sonia, My 2nd son is working in Bulgeria (spame distance to Italy as you but east). Hes a man of few words, its like pulling teeth for him to tell me how it is there. He just says rough but I'm ok.

Oh Robin thank you for the protection word art. What program do you use for creating? Illustrator?

Do you remember the grumpy old men in the balcony - Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets? My husband reminds me of them - so I try to take it with humor.

LOL, I do. That would help. Thanks.
Yes, Illustrator.

Sonia: smiley Thank you so, so much, seeing this now, the best reason to push for that Spain trip ... I love Barcelona, it will be great to meet smiley Pls stay safe. smiley smiley

Tracy: Thanks for sharing smiley , the situation sounds very tight, pls stay safe! How are you holding up? The heat and humidity must be extreme in high rises ...
Your corona kit looks great, Gina, so do your stamps Robin. Great stuff. And I heard s.o. say that after 2 weeks of lockdown Melissa at the office doesn't seem all that weird any mre, lol...

Because of the pandemic and the nature of this kit, it is being released to you early.

Adorable kit Gina!

Thank you Robin.

The bird wasn't supposed to be part of the kit but I decided to include it as a symbol of hope - and because I can only do happy. smiley

So beautiful, Gina. smiley

Gina, your kit is wonderful!

I hope my Mini kit will be a way for people to express themselves... I deleted it from the Commons but I have uploaded it to my blog and it is Commercial Use ok. The link is here:

panic is affecting us smiley

gracias Sonia por el mini, muy actual, cuidate y manténte sana, un besazo

smiley Many thanks, Sonia, what a great kit! Sending you good vibes, pls safe.

Thank you Sonia. I downloaded your kit. smiley

I am going to run a Coping With Corona Challenge in April and I am so glad I have two great kits to feature.

Thank You Sonia.

The USA now has the dubious honor of being "Number One on the COVID-19 World Hit Parade."

I just spent a half-hour talking to my sister. My heart aches and honestly, I am not handling things very well right now.

(((Love & Prayers All)))