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Searching Forum Posts


How do I search forum posts please?


Hi Annette! Ahh good question! i believe the current search option searches only the kits, assets and templates that Marisa and Brooke design. so in my Very Limited knowledge there may not be a way at this moment, BUT if there isn't i'm sure Jordan has it on his To Be Developed list. Wait for Jordan or Marisa to respond to your question to be sure. good luck!! smiley (ps: they are in the middle of relocating from Jordan to Oregon!)

Hi Annette. Unfortunately there is not currently any way to search forum posts from within Pixel Scrapper (it's on the todo). For now, you can search our forum posts directly using Google by typing: forums [whatever you want to search for here]

To add your vote for this feature, please visit this forum topic, and "heart" it.

Thanks Jordan, that is really good to know! We can just copy and paste the first part of the entry and type in the specific search description smiley I'll be glad to direct any questions regarding forum searches to your answer! Would it work the same for searching the gallery? As in.... gallery [whatever you want to search for here]

...just wondering?

You can currently search the gallery from the site. You just need to click on the right tab:

@Jordan Thank you so much for this information. I spent the last two days looking for a subject then found this post and found what I was looking foe in under 5 minutes.

Great Sharron! Glad that worked well for you smiley . I do hope to have proper forum search functionality operational by the end of the summer.

Thanks Marisa, I never noticed!! smiley