July Designer Challenge Thoughts

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July Designer Challenge Thoughts

Just wondering what you're interested in doing for a designer challenge in July. Do you want to do another monthly kit challenge, or shake it up? Once things settle down in the fall I'm hoping to have a couple designer challenges going (monthly and weekly), but for now while I'm on the road it's probably best to keep it simple. So let me know what you want to do!

I would love to have weekly challenges (create elements like scatters, splatters, frames, alpha's) just to practice some designer skills.

I love the challenge that we have done this month, where you gave us a suggestion for each day. That being said, I'm always up for something new, so if you shake it up I bet we would love it too!

I discovered that daily prompts don´t work with me at all smiley

What if you have a Christmas in July design challenge? The challenge is to make a full kit with Christmas theme but each one choose your palette and, if they want, a sub-theme (E.G: Vintage christmas, Christmas in the tropics, Christian symbols, white christmas, and so on). In the first week (Till the 6th) people plan their kits and split the work in 3 parts; in the 3 subsequent weeks they need to do what they told they´d do, and share with us how was the process: If they had difficulties, if the plans changed on the go... and we can also ask each others to take a look in the already done parts and have some feedback on how to improove them, more or less like the QC on the collaboration, and the few remaining days are reserved for QC/making preview/sharing if people want to do it.

I like the idea of Christmas in July. What does everyone else think?

I love Christmas, this might be fun!

Sounds awesome.. I hope I can find the time to play along for a whole month sometime. I am so behind with June
still. Argh

Since I have not done any challenges yet, I am open to anything. I have always loved Christmas in July. I am not sure I am up to an entire month but maybe a weekly channlnge.

Sharron, I don't think anyone cares if you do the whole thing or not, just do what you have time for and want to do? I know July is pretty busy for me, so I'll just participate as I have time.

Christmas in July sounds like fun smiley

it's my favourite holiday. i wish it were always christmas smiley

My birthday is on Christmas which makes it even more special! It is by far my favorite time of the year!

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