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ok, almost done - waiting for Janet's flowers, so there's space in the elements one, but just so you can see ALL THE STUFF!!! smiley there is no way to combine elements and papers - you wouldn't see ANY of the papers! smiley I also reduced the size of just about everything so that everything would fit in the preview. smiley

It looks lovely Meg, thank you so much for all your dedication. Thanks also to all the lovely ladies who made the QC and that participated in the creation. The final kit is wonderful!

Meg that is beyond fantastic! smiley love love the previews smiley

Just saw that Lorien got back to me. For the life of me I thought I'd fixed the missing pixels. I'm not sure I'm going to have time to figure out what's going on before the deadline (have photography deadlines that just can't be pushed back). So, unless they are quick looks like I may need to pull out of the collab. Mental note, NEVER use the quick selection tool to extract elements. I thought I'd take a short cut this time around vs. using the time consuming way...but never again!

@Janet have you tried this tutorial here ?

after doing that run a qc action and it should be fixed..or if it missing pixel on object just fill it?

If you don't have the qc action I don't mind checking it on mines and fixing it for you?

I get how you feel I just finished my font upper and lower cases/converted it into a font and it's not reading the name file nor can I find it because it renamed itself to some number file but it's loaded somewhere in my computer.

I really like your stuff.

@ Meg you did a fantastic job on the previews!!!

I am so excited to be a part of this collab!!

@ Lorien, I checked all the links on the Collab page:

Here are the results:

Meg's link in the Alphas is NOT working. Also at the top where you credit here for the previews.

Janet's Digital JOys preview is missing.

Template's preview is missing for Francie's Studios
Alpha preview from Jessica is missing.

Everything else is working!!

@ Lorien


When I open the link to the Collaboration Forum, my antivirus gives me a message that this is a Malicious URL. Let me know if you need more info.

I told Lorien she could post my template previews when she's done (minor fixes) but here are the previews for the templates

Thank you so much Michelle for checking. I´ll fix everything as soon as I help Fran with fixes.

Janet, don´t drop down. There are some of the flowers that are AMAZING (and will be truly missed on the colab, plus you are the only one who remembered to make leaves and all of them already passed QC). If you can´t fix on time, let me know and I´ll help. IMO, they´re just minor fixes...

Meg the previews are absolutely beautiful (and yummy!) It takes so much time to make them too. GREAT JOB!
And they sure display the compatibility of the colors in the palette (and don't they correctly represent all the goodies we all love to indulge in??!!!! YES they do!!! ...............I'm going to go eat a cookie now smiley smiley

@Lórien - Not sure if it matters, but the preview for the solids I did is not shown on the Collaboration link list. (I thought I had posted it after they passed QC, but I guess I didn't, my apologies)

Here it is if you need it:

Michelle, you can´t believe how this checklist was important. Some observations:

Meg's link in the Alphas is NOT working. Also at the top where you credit here for the previews.


Janet's Digital JOys preview is missing.

There is, indeed, something weird with her preview... I see it, but the link don´t end with .jpg, and I bet that´s why you can´t see it. I´ll try to PM Janet.

Template's preview is missing for Francie's Studios


Alpha preview from Jessica is missing.

Seems i thought we had this alpha, but we don´t have. I removed it from the list by now, if we can find this alpha we will include it.

When I open the link to the Collaboration Forum, my antivirus gives me a message that this is a Malicious URL. Let me know if you need more info.

Somehow, your antivirus thinks that it´s not a good thing because it is a url that directs to other place in a different server (a url in the site that directs to I needed to generate this url, however, because I don´t have access for lock/unlock/create topics on the blog trains forum. So, it´s under digital scrapbook discussion till everything is ready, but will move to colab later, so we all had a way to link to the right place in our blogs. It´s not fixable now, but I already thought on a solution for the next times we do collaborations, so we don´t have this issue anymore.

@Dawn: You probably post this preview and I missed it - sorry smiley It´s on the proper place now.

@Meg: I am in love with your previews. Guess I´ll need to ask preview-making favours some times, lol.

I scheduled my blog post. Its almost bedtime for me, so I went with the previews that have been posted, even though they aren't done. I'll update them tomorrow. This has turned out so amazing! We are rockstars! Thank you all!

Good night, my friend - after this colab is lauched I need to send an e-mail for you, lol.

Janet Scott: I sent you a new e-mail, hope it helps somehow.

Michelle: Can you do me a favor? It´s probably the last one: Janet Hull sent me an updated preview for the one you couldn´t see. Can you check if you can see it now?

Isn't this going live tomorrow, July 1st? Will you have a topic set up so that we can point our customers to the PixelScrapper site for other blog addresses? Or will you be supplying a Blog address list to include on our blogs?

Thank you -

Lorien - you've been busy playing maestro to this lovely collab. No worries. I'll shoot you a quick email.

Sunny, tomorrow is the release! Please, drive your costumers to this url:

There is a list of all blogs and parts there!

Thanks so much for your help Lorien and Fran! I did finally have a chance to sit down tonight and do the edits. Last night had to be spent on editing photos for my photography business and then today I had another session. So, unfortunately stuff like this had to be pushed to the back burner. I really do appreciate the editing notes that you sent. They helped me to focus on the specific areas that needed fixing. I really do need to purchase/find a good QC action to help nail stuff like this before submitting to a collab! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and would rather have things as ready to go as possible before submission in the future.

So, I'm not sure if I should wait for a (hopefully) final QC before things go live? sorry that this has taken so long to get finalized! Also, I'm not sure if it's too late to get things to Meg? smiley

Edit - I've got things all lined up for a direct download via my Facebook page. If there are any last minute changes that need to be made, I can definitely do that if needed. I'll just go ahead and send the file to Meg. If she can include the flowers...fantastic...but if not I completely understand!

ok guys! final preview for elements! please update your links if you've got 'em!

thanks Janet!

You did a fabulous job Meg! Thank you!!!!!

Gorgeous work Meg! Thanks so much for adding my flowers even though things weren't finalized!

Out of curiosity, do we have a total of how many elements, papers, alphabets, word art, quick pages there are?

Thank you so much Meg smiley

Thank you all so much.

Great previews! Great job everyone! My blog post is set to go live in 15 minutes. I wanted to make sure I had time to update the previews and double check the links. Thanks everyone, this was a great idea smiley

Hi, I have one question: I made some brushes add-on but I didn't know where to post them. I posted in the end of my blog train post in my blog. Sounds fine?
Just so you know what they look like, here they are:

If it is not ok to post here, you can erase this reply.

Hope it's ok to leave thanks here - I did thank people on their blogs (I have to go back to some - I was too early) - but I wanted to leave a collective THANK YOU and a big round of applause for all the hard work and organisation. It looked frantic but it looked like you were having fun and I hope you were. Best wishes to all.

Yes Cinthia! It´s ok to show it here and also to put the preview here - you´re not the one who made ad-ons too. Guess I´ll include a "watch out for add ons" on the official post when I come back home....

Like Dawn Evan I too would like to give a collective Thank-you all, some how it wouldn't take my wordpress site link to post a comment, so Thank-you all again and the ones I missed on their blog (not intentionally) it was super fun smiley