Add a Paper Background to an Alpha

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I have been trying to figure this out for the longest!!

OOH I can't wait to try this. this is Neat-O! Never thought about filling in an alpha that is outlined. Just always clipped papers to them or used a style. Thanks.

Have to try this. Thanks so much.

Thanks for both of these very useful tutorials.

Never thought of creating a separate layer to clip papers to. Thanks.

Thank you for the simple instruction and visuals

Thank you for the tutorial! smiley

Thanks again for another great tut Marisa!

This technique works great on outlined cookie cutters shaped like
Christmas ornaments. They look great adding a colorful Christmas paper or glitter
inside of them! smiley

Nice tutorial smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the tutorial

Thanks, this is very useful!

Most helpful!