OK, so look at me....

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OK, so look at me....

I decided to finally change out my avatar and use an actual picture of me. Yeah, I know funny looking, but that's me. smiley

Not funny looking at all, you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your hair!

Thank you! Actually, my husband took the picture just after I got my hair cut so he could show my sister-in-law. He really likes my new hairdo. smiley

Beautiful! And I also love your new 'do! Is that your natural color?

No, my hair is a little lighter and more brown. I thought I'd try something new and went a darker purplish red colour. I hope it washes out soon. I'd like to go a more coppery brown with this colour as streaks.

Not funny looking at all. I think we are all too critical of ourselves. You are beautiful!!!

LOL - I just posted in the "freebies" thread because I noticed that your picture had changed. I shall repeat myself ... I will miss the green starry cat but it is lovely to put a face to the name! I agree with Christy - it's a lovely photo!

Like your husband, I like your hair style! It´s a great picture, and although I love cats, I really prefer this pic!

Thanks everyone. It kinda feels like I'm only half dressed smiley with this photo of me. That green cat has been my avatar for a really long time all over the internet.

Great to see you Cat! I was browsing around thinking "who is this Cat person" haha! Glad to meet you in "real life"!

Have to join in the hair love! Wish my hair would stay tame like that.

Nice picture, Cat! smiley

I had a real picture up when I first signed up here (though on the older side - I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera), but got bored with it & decided a few months ago to "artify" another pic (for lack of a better word) & use that instead. I like the pink & purple feel to it, but sometimes feel I should go back to a real picture again...

Thank you, Cat. I love being able to put a face with a name, and your face is lovely. It helps me feel just a wee bit more connected in a world where we can often feel anything but connected with those around us.

Yes, nice to "meet" you!

Lovely, lady! Many of us find it easier to post an avatar instead of a picture of ourselves, but I'm glad this site encourages us to be ourselves!

I read something recently, I wish I had bookmarked it... about how difficult it is for some of us to be in pictures, but how important it is for the people who love us to have pictures of us. I'm always behind the camera, and I'm very uncomfortable being photographed, but I have to remind myself that my nieces and nephews and other people who love me need to have pictures of me just as much as I need pictures of them. They don't see me as I see myself; they see the love in my eyes, the warmth in my heart. That's all that matters to them.

Yes, I am always the one behind the camera as well. Its not so much that I don't like having my picture taken, its just that my family, and especially my husband, can't take a picture to save their lives. I think my husband took about 6 or 7 pictures with his phone before that one actually turned out. I'm surprised there was still somewhat of a smile on my face for the picture by that time...

Penny, is this the article you read? It's from the Huntington Post about Mom staying the picture. I love it and sent it to all my daughters who are also usually the ones behind the camera.

Oh, Harriett, yes, it is! Thank you so much for sharing it. I bookmarked it now so I can share it when I want to... or just read it again when I need to! smiley

Thank you for the link Harriett.

Penny - "they see the love in my eyes, the warmth in my heart" - what a beautiful sentiment! You photo is lovely and you do look really warm and friendly.

Lizanne - I love that this site encourages photos - it does make me feel more "connected" the the people I am communicating with but I think you should stick with whatever makes you comfortable - I like what you've done with your picture.

Cat - my photo is my husband taking a photo of my newly coloured hair to send to my Mum so she could see the shade I was telling her about LOL I too am far more comfortable behind the camera!

Nice to see your face, Cat! Your husband did a good job with the picture. I am usually the picture-taker in our family because my husband just never thinks to pick ours up!

That article you shared Harriet is a good one, and I sent it to all my friends when I read it. We realized this lesson when we were putting together a memory board for my dad's funeral. We realized that while we did have pictures with him, we had far more of Mom + kids because Dad was the cameraman in the family. I now make sure to encourage all new parents to get in FRONT of the camera from time to time, for their kids' sake. smiley

Funny looking, Cat? I don't think so. I see a lovely lady.

Cat, Ive always been shy about putting my pic on my various profiles. Many of my pictures I "alter" etc. Your pic is nice. How do you feel about your hairdo?
If you and your husband both like it then it's all good.