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Hey, I am a graphic designer and just started checkin' out digital scrapbooking. I'd like to put together something for my family. I am glad I found this site. Am I the only guy here, besides the webmaster whom I saw? haha

My name is Nur and I am a happy mother to be! Thanks for this terrific place to have fun! smiley

It is always nice to meet new members. I have only been here a short time but already love this place and the people in it.
I am glad to see that men want to make memory pages too. Welcome everyone

Hello everyone!

My name is Christine. I'm from Bath, NY. I have two little girls, ages 5 & 6. Both are on the Autism Spectrum. I'm a stay at home mom who loves everything about art. I'm very new to scrapbooking & art journaling. I sorta came onto it as an extension of photography and blogging.

Hi Luke - hope you like it here & stick around... We've had 2 or 3 other guys join, but they don't post that often. Maybe they're intimidated by all the women in here? LOL

Welcome everybody!

@Luke: One of the other men in the site is my husband. But he doesn´t have that much patience to write, so, although he reads parts of the forum, he only replies sometimes.

Hi all my name is Pam i am a designer and a store owner to a online digital store i am looking for layout makers for our Creative Team must do a minimum of 2 kits per month,2 layouts per kit and post on blog, facebook and a gallery. Am i allowed to post this request on your forum and if so where should i put it thanks for any help x Hugs Pam

Hello everybody! I go by Jan and in cyberland go by "Janytime" (J + anytime), which is a nickname my family gave me years ago when I tried to retire to get some quality "me time" which proved to be only temporary; OR you will also find me on the net as "SunBum Studios" which is the name under which you can find all my general crafts and digital freebies. I stumbled onto digital scrapbooking in August of 2008, though I'd been doing it on my computer for a long time just not realizing it was a thing with a name and had an online community all it's own! When I realized that and just how large it was, I was hooked for sure! I created a blog, started CT'ing for a few designers, started taking digi-scrap classes on the net at different sites, scrapping up my life, and trying my hand at designing for myself and sharing freebies. I was born and raised in the beautiful scenic Appalachian Mountains of southeastern West Virginia, and during my mid-life I up and moved to the coastal beaches of South Carolina. It's been a beautiful blend of two very different environments and is very pleasing to my soul. I was fortunate to have two beautiful daughters which have provided me with three grandchildren, and I have acquired a step-son along my path in life. I am addicted to taking digital photographs of any and all things in life, and my present and future mission in to digitally scrap them all up in some kind of organized fashion to be able to leave a pictoral legacy behind when I am gone from this world. This mission became acutely important to me in August of 2009 when I lost my eldest daughter to a sudden and premature death at age 37. She left behind a 3-1/2 yr. old son who now will only know his mother through the scrapbooks of documented memories I can make for him to connect with her someday as an adult male. I'm so thankful I have always taken a zillion pictures of everything in my life, and now I'm thankful I can scrapbook digitally. I found your site some time ago, probably when it was brand new, and I've just reconnected with it recently; and it looks fabulous! I am already very into downloading layout templates from it every day and browsing through all the other types of goodies offered here. I look forward to a long community relationship here! I'm very into all sorts of handcrafts, so visit my blog from time to time as you may be able to pick up something useful for yourself there.

My Blog

I'm Judy. I've been scrapbooking for 16 years, digital for about 7.
I have two awesome kids. Chloe is 14 and Jared is 8.
I've been designing my own digital papers and elements for a few years, but am just getting around to sharing them.
I can't believe it took me this long to discover the site!

So many new faces! Thanks everyone for taking the time to share a little of your story!

Hello Guys, My name is Gesiane, I'm 24, I'm a photographer to 3 years old, live in Brazil, in a town called Garopaba, Scrapbooking will like a 5 year, this site and the delights of Marisa will be plus or minus 1 year and after staying this time in Anonymity now intend to share some of my creativity at all! Thank you Marisa for creating this site, it is beautiful, and would like you to meet some of my work,
Hugs to all!!
Ps. Sorry I am not very good in English, use google translator! smiley

Hello everyone, my name is Sidney. I live in Virginia and am happily married and mom to two daughters. Thanks for the wonderful downloads! I'm a web designer but am also interested in digital scrapbooking. The creativity that I see in all of the assets, templates, bundles, kits, etc. that are on this site is fantastic! You all are very inspiring to me. Thank you Marisa for creating this site. I look forward to participating.

Hi, my name is Kim. I am from Billings, MT but now live in Huntley, MT. I am a SAHM of 4 1/2 kids. I feel really bad since I have been here for a few months already & I am just now doing this. I found this site when I was looking for scrapbook items to make cards for my family & scrapbook pages for my children. Since then I have joined a CT for a designer that I was following her blog & picking up her download a day. I now have my own blog & have found that I really enjoy making digital scrapbooks. I drive my husband nuts because I could spend all day at the computer. I am having a blast & driving my kids nuts! What else is a mother supposed to do? smiley

Hi! I'm Julia. Sometimes Scrapcrazy and some times juilalynntodd. You just never know! I have 4 kids, work full time as a hospice social worker and spend more hours than seems possible scrapping and hanging out in the digital scrapbook world! I've been scrapbooking for about 15 years but only recently started digital scrapbooking! I was a hold out to tradition. What a waist of time! I LOVE digiscrapping and have jumped in with both feet. Sometimes I think I need a remedial course on how to get along in the digi world (forums, blinkies, blogs, what??) but I am managing! Happy Scrapping!

Hi I am angmag55 aka Peggy I live in Texas was Born and raised in Minnesota. I am a Mom to 4 Beautiful Children. I was married 31 years then divorced in 2002 3 days after my 1st Grandson was born. My 1st Granddaughter was born Dec 24th, 2001. These two babies and my children helped me get through the 1st year of my divorce don't know what I would have done without them. I now have 8 Grandchildren and am a very busy and at times traveling Grandma as my 3 girls live a distance from me. My Son and his Beautiful wife and 2 boys live less then a half mile from me and I see them Monday through Friday during the Summer as I am there for my oldest Grandson as my youngest is in Daycare where he loves it and his little friends.Life is good now as I retired in January and am just kicking back enjoying come what may.

Hi! I'm Angie and I live in Ohio with my husband and 4 children! I just started digital scrapping about 2 months ago but prior to that loved paper scrapping, although I didn't do all that much of it! I collected tons of supplies and did it with my young daughters at the time but their activities took over and we traveled quite a bit which left no time for scrapbooking! I downloaded a trial kit around the end of April and the trial version of PSE11 (then bought it) and since then, I have spent EVERY night downloading, organizing and planning pages!! My problem is I over think the page and supplies which leads to me doing nothing! So I'd like to start thinking about doing challenges which force you to be productive and creative with a deadline and an incentive! Eventually, I'd like to sway my 17 yr old to try out a digiscrap page as she loved doing the paper scrapping and now loves to make videos with her photos. So, thanks for reading and hope to really get involved on this site!

Hello to all the new faces!

Hi smiley my name is Þóra (Tora) and I was born in Iceland were I still live - unfortunately LOL (I hate the cold weather we often have)
I just found Pixel Scraper and love what going on here, I have tried out some of the tutorials and wow they are amazing and easy to follow.
I design a little bit of digital scrapbooking papers (mostly) harder to make the elements but I want to learn more of "how to".
So just wanted to say hi and thanks.

Hola!! Marisa, mi nombre es Rebeca y tengo 24 años. Actualmnte soy pasante de la Licenciatura en Enfermeria, esto me gusta mucho...pero lo que en verdad me apasiona es lo relacionado con los dibujos, colores y formas; crar, innovar...donde lo imposible se hace posible, donde el mundo estal como tu lo pintes...estoy muyyy contenta de haber encontrado este sitio web.

Te Felicito por la iniciativa que tuviste para crear esta gran comunidad y poder formar parte de esto smiley

So many new faces! Thanks everyone for taking the time to say hello and a little about yourselves!

Hi, I'm Beckie. I'm not much of a digital scrapper... or really a scrapper at all. I'm more of a mixed media artist and am always looking for unique elements to use in my work. It helps that my boss lets me use the color laser printer at work. smiley

Hi, I'm Antoinette from The Netherlands. It was Tora (who introduced herself 4 hours ago) who told me about Pixelscrapper. No idea what to expect, or how much time I can spend here, but I'm always looking for tutorials and it's great to meet new people smiley

Hi Antoinette glad you are here too smiley you can blame me for telling you about this site if you´r not happy LOL

My name is Jocelyn, Jocie for short I am working vigorously on a blog called Carpe Librum or Seize the book. I love books and I thought I would share a bit of my passion I mean I got enough of my friends dragged into books so I figured eh why not? Everyone could use a good book. My website is I am still new so it is not nearly as professional or amazing as other blogs I have seen but I am still very proud of it. Check it out sometime. smiley

My name is Catherine and I'm very new to digital scrapbooking (like I just discovered it last week!). I'm in the process of learning Photoshop by watching a series of tutorials and hope to get started with actual layouts soon! I think this site is awesome and see myself coming back to it often and definitely making a donation when I know what I'm doing. I'm so glad I found PS during my initial scavenging for freebies and tutorials. smiley

Hi. My name is Cheryll Ann and I live in Sunny Southeast Florida. I found Pixel Scrapper about a week ago and was very impressed with the site. Love the intro video explaining the different menus and actions also loved the popup screen asking me which freebie I wanted. Really enticing smiley I toured the store and saw such beautiful collections of papers and embellishments. Then I saw your challenges and really wanted to jump in. I have been digi scrapping since January 2012 and love every minute of it. I started designing earlier this year and totally enjoy the process of making my own papers and embellishments. I am a also a hobby photographer improving my skills with my local photography club and online classes. Most of layouts are of my 2 sons and the beautiful scenery of my area. Thanks for such an interesting site and one that's pretty intuitive to navigate smiley

Cheryll Ann

I'm Bernadette - BernieTuffs in forums though - and I recently started designing as BoBoBernie!

I'm very grateful for this site smiley not only for the gorgeous downloads, but for the information and inspiration as well smiley

I hope to join in more now that the sick relative I've had to look after in recent months is needing me less smiley

I love designing, and I love digiscrapping too smiley Until recently I was on a few CTs but gave that all up because of the relative needing me and having so much less time, I needed what I had for designing!!

I'm looking forward to the time when i can play with challenges and LOs just for fun, LOL!!

Thanks for everything you do here!!
Bernie x

Hello everyone! Thanks for saying hello! So glad to have you all here.

Hello all!! My name is Athena. I'm a stay home mom living in New Mexico. I have 2 little girls. Am married to a great guy. We have 4 dogs, 2 hamsters, a turtle and a fish.

I do mostly tagger sized digi stuff and am working on creating tagger size kits. Thank you for having me.

Greetings Athena it is nice seeing another New Mexican.