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@Shawna: thank you!
@Marisa: i think we're going to Petra but other than than, i don't know where we'll be staying. who knows, i could just end up somewhere near enough to meet up with you! i'll get in touch if i see a possibility. i think that would be awesome! smiley

1. travel the world ... everywhere and anywhere ... and then do it all over again.
2. learn as many languages as I possibly can.
3. go sky diving ... i've always wanted to.
4. read all the classic books that everyone always talks about (I've actually started this one ... made my way through Austen, Verne, Stephenson, and others ... finding Dickens a little tough though)

Sing backup with an artiste or band on tour anywhere, be it the US, Europe, Australia, as long as we'll get to travel to most if not all tour stops by bus! i want to live life on the road, experience the subtle differences between each city even within the same country, and take lots and lots of photos to document my travels, then SCRAP!

Yeah, that's the ONE thing i really wanna do for myself before i die. Possibility near zero, but feels good just to get it out!

@Melissa: I would love to travel the world... if money were no issue, I so would do this ALL the time! and My grandfather could speak 13 languages... I guess that gene fell a little further from the tree than I hoped it would have. smiley

@Diana: who knows maybe just maybe someday your dream might come true! dream on! smiley

I want to see Broome, Australia- and the Grand Canyon. And I want to make a living with my writing! That would be my dream, NO IDEA if it ever will come true, but I try...

Somewhere I can talk about my bucket list... eeek! How awesome! smiley

Cannot wait til June/July... I am heading to America (again).. But this time I will be meeting a friend who I have been talking to for almost 5 years now smiley! She happens to live in San Fran and the first item on my bucket list when I started writing it (I was 14 when I wrote number 1) is to see the Golden Gate Bridge.. *FLAIL...* You totally know that will be happening!

Then.. as you go further down my list, most of which is meeting awesome peoples I have befriended via Tumblr, fanfiction and Twitter, you come to my next big thing... Spending a 4th of July in the US.. This has been a biggie for me cause I love ALL things American smiley! A real sad act I am LOL! But heyho! smiley!

I am sure I will message about my little escapades! And I will defo see about making something awesome too smiley!

@Maja: You and I have similar tastes in the places we would like to see and visit!

@Nonnie: So very very cool that you are getting to fulfill two or three of your bucket lists items in July!!! We will welcome you to America... although I live on the exact opposite of the continent where you will visit. You will be in the North West and I am in the South East almost 2,900 miles away. Our country is a "little" big. smiley

@shawna smiley! Its a 17 day trip.. gonna be in the San Fran region for 9 days then heading to Chicago... so will I be getting closer then? LOL.. America certainly IS a huuuuuuuuuge place haha!

@Nonni: Yes a lot closer as you would then be in the North MidWest but still 14 hours away from me at 950 miles smiley You will LOVE Chicago though!!! There is so much Awesome stuff to see and do there, especially in the summer... and it won't be near as hot there as it is down here further in the south east region. What a Fun trip it sounds like you have planned.

@Shawna I have actually been to Chicago before, I went in April 2010, was certainly hot enough then LOL.... Also been to Tennessee smiley! Both wonderful places...
San Fran is where I will meet my 'online twinnie' We have been talking for almost 5 years now, but never had a chance to meet, so I cannot wait smiley! rock on!

I love reading everyone's bucket lists! I just started a Bucket List board on my Pinterest in the last week and I'm looking forward to pinning plenty to it!

here's just a few of my favorites!
1) Run a Disney half marathon
2) Travel! LOTS of travel! Italy, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Amsterdam, Sweden, India, Egypt, the list goes on and on!
3) finish college and get my degree in Veterinary Technology so I can take care of sick animals
4) have beautiful and healthy children that grow up to have a wonderful childhood and life. I don't want them to ever end up the way I did.
5) read and learn as much as I can before it's too late

1. Go to Ireland
2. Meet Bret Michaels
3. Go swimming with the dolophins

1. I want to be paid for something I created (art-wise)
2. Write like a serial killer on a spree, than my once a year bursts.
3. Be exposed to more food so someday theyll ask me to judge Iron Chef
4. Be conversable in sign language
5. Drums or violin or more piano, guitar

(This was not my list last year. How art changes one.)

1. Has been on my mind for too too many years now (wont divulge in great depth) but I would like to expand the concept of homeschooling via universal education on a state, national and international level with fresh new different ways to fund the concept. Take those with a teaching degree but unemployed (across the world) and make better use of them example: having the parents fund rise and/or charities to their payroll, supplies & field trips. My kids are not home schooled but I want my kids to know how to adjust, adapt and in any country they (may possibly) end up residing in the future; so knowing the rules and how each country functions early on in life rather than very late seems better.

2. I am a thrill junkie so jumping off of anything sounds ideal so long there be proper safety equipped to do so.

3. A few poker tournaments would be lovely and if I had the time to commit to it as a hobby not a lifestyle.

4. Advocate and dedicate self to certain health studies and causes I'm passionate about.

I have a long list but that's my top 4.

@Laura Fraser: Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list too! These are things my husband and I talk about when we buy lottery tickets and we're daydreaming about what we could do.

1. Start an animal rescue/dog rescue (especially chihuahuas)/group home farm. We would buy a big chunk of land (like 100 acres) and have a place like on the show Dog Town. We would also like to have a group home for underprivileged children where they could work with the animals as a means of therapy and teaching (medicine/veterinary sciences).

2. Go on a Mediterranean cruise and take my family (since they've never been able to travel either).

3. Go back to school and finish my masters degree and then get my doctorate.

@Diana Lee: Id like that too. With my favorite band Suede. But I'd have to leave my cats. smiley
@Cat Armstrong: I think I'll copy your 1 too. Ive been rescuing a bit, but not on a grand scale as yours.

I have never really thought about it, so here are a few things off the top of my head:

1. I would love to see the Aurora Borealis (northern lights)
2. Travel with my Husband and kids to see Germany (my husband lived there years ago)
3. Swim with dolphins

@Christy Cole & Melissa Bechtloff love your wanting to try skydiving...it's the first thing I think of doing once my kids are grown & out of the house.

@Peggy Appleseed love your no.1 & 3

@Sarah Higgins love everything on your bucket list will have to add some of your ideas like no.4, 3 (not a design studio for me but a dance studio) & your no.1 sounds like a highlight.

Really enjoyed reading all the adventure stuff of individuals bucket wish list including sighting seeing pyramids to swimming with dolphins.

This is a great topic. I've been reading all your posts and they are wonderful. What an inspiration you all are.
I think one of the things I've always wanted to be able to do is illustrate children's books with water color drawings.
Will probably not happen as I have very little talent in that area.
Would love to be able to lose the 80 pounds I need to shed and get back out on my bicycle as my first mode of
And I would love to see the Maritime Provinces particularly PEI, as an inveterate fan of LM Montgomery I really
need to see Green Gables! LOL
I don't have very lofty goals, but have been blessed with such a pleasant life and wonderful family that I am very
happy right where I am.

My bucket list is long and I've left many things out.
Money (or the lack of it) is probably the reason that I will never do all the things on that list, but that's okay, putting it together was great and very often I go back and see what's on there.
I've dedicated one of my Pinterest boards to my bucket list, it's too long to mention smiley

1. I wanted to meet Shane Willard - which I got to do in July 2013

2. I want to see and touch snow - Always miss it because it doesn't snow where we live
3. I want to touch and milk a cow - I'm a city girl
4. I want to visit Lesotho - first need a passport though

1.) I would love to trace my roots in our old Family bible to Ireland and get to see where I come from in person.
2.) Some surgical work to my body.
3.) See any an all Museums all over the world. (I really love History of all countries)

My bucket list needs a fork lift lol .... I want to go to Ireland and Whales to see the ancient castles, France and London for the old buildings, see the pyramids, travel on the Orient Express, ride in an air balloon ... not just go up in one, but go on a trip in one .... have one month where somebody does all the cleaning and cooking so I can spend time in my studio whenever I want for as long as I want .... that's just the tip of it