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Free art elearning (not too late to join)

The first optional art assignment was to make a self-portrait. Couldnt help but to prefer some sort of scrapbooking.

I actually registered for that class, although I don't think I'm going to have the time to participate. smiley

Wow really? That's a shame. Though there's always next fall. smiley

That's an interesting take on a self-portrait. I like how instead of just drawing a picture of the PHYSICAL you, you illustrated who YOU really are as a person. Cool.

This course looks great! Since I am in the middle of moving to another state, can't sign up right now, but maybe next year! Thanks for telling us about it.

@Cheryl Thanks! Though I wasnt the only one who thought of it. smiley
(and for some strange reason I dont feel like drawing faces)

@Nan They say the next one is in autumn. It will surely only become better. Good luck with your move!

I love your self portrait!

This course looks great. Maybe I will sign up in the Fall.

@Mary Yay! There's even talk of a follow up course.

@Elizabeth Thanks Elizabeth!

That is very cool. Thanks for sharing! I love those free online courses!

@Kimberlee Oh yeah! Wish there were more patterned after the coursera, meaning real time and with deadlines and stuff. I need the discipline. XP

Thanks for sharing this!

Here are some lesson I have found:

Unfortunately, you can find ALL kinds of open-course studies for mathematics and science topics, but not a whole lot for art. smiley I wish open-courseware were something that more art institutes, colleges, and universities would jump on.

I think we'll hopefully be seeing more in the future Mollie. Online courses are still relatively new, so I haven't given up hope yet!

@Mollie Thanks so much! XD (signs up) This looks so much better than the online art history course (nevertheless, it was very interesting, in case you want to give it a try.) I think I may want to work toward a degree.

Btw, the coursera intro art class is coming to a close. It wasnt comprehensive but it was fun, mostly contemporary. We got so addicted to the weekly challenge that we got one of the more experienced classmates to set up a facebook group.