DESIGNER: Christmas in July Challenge - Week 1

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I still did not decide if I manage to participate in this one as there is still the August Blogtrain and I should also put some time in my own layouts smiley. But I just came across this awesome palette and I would love to play with it:

Let's see smiley.

so many good themes and colours! I loved the red in that wedding one... so gorgeous!
As for aspect, I think I'll incorporate decorations with the food idea perhaps? though i've found a lot of snow related elements on this site. Weare in winter over in Australia but it doesnt snow in Adelaide. I definitely want to do something with paper chains though. I'm thinking Reds, Whites, silver, and gold for a start. there an inspiration board for Christmas/Winter themes???? smiley

Good Idea Tina, perhaps we could add a second Pinterest board for the Designer Challenges, separate from the Blog Train.


@Tina and Laura - I think a Pinterest board for the Designer Challenges would be good, especially for ones like this month, that have a specific theme, or if we do any in the future with a specific color palette we could share theme ideas.

sounds like a lovely idea

Here is the palette I will be using..

@awesome idea for Inspiration boards..

Great ideas. Leave a comment here if you want to be added to the Designer Challenge Inspiration Board:

Oops...Marisa was posting as I was

I've chosen this palette:

Some lovely colour palettes. I just love the fruit one above! I was thinking of purples but now I'm not sure!!

Angela: I saw some really nice purple baubles with white snowflakes on them, and they worked really well.

My final palette choice, with additional colors and the names I came up with to describe them . . . just for fun. (Pro Tip: run a gamut check on your palette BEFORE you make a bunch of papers and then find out they are all out of gamut and need to be changed. *sigh*) I also came up with a title for the kit, but not really a theme other than "Christmas-y Stuff." Well, it's my first Christmas Kit so I hope y'all will forgive my first-time flailing.

Holly I LOVE your choice and your papers are beautiful!

so much for your kind words, Tiffany. They are much appreciated.


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