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Sarah - August isn't too far away! You must be excited - I didn't even know they still toured or is it a reunion tour?!

"Bianca Pretorius wrote:
Recently a lot of big artists have started touring to South Africa - we all end up going crazy because we don't get a chance to see such awesome artists as often so they are usually shocked at the amount of people at their shows here!

The exact same thing happens here in Brazil. There are concerts where people camp in front of the stadium for 1 week or more o.O

But the tickets are really, really, really expensive for any international band/singer. smiley You can feed 5 cats for 6 months with a pair of tickets. And my cats need food, so...

Hi Bianca,

Will you be going to see Dave Matthews Band when they're playing in JHB in december?
I am hoping to be there by the 2nd december but tickets are disappearing fast.

@Bianca... I am SUPER EXCITED!!! Can't wait! Four of the guys have been touring for most of the last 20 years... Kevin took a break in 2006 but is back now so it's a little bit of both...

In addition to the Backstreet Boys I've also seen Staind (they're from the next town over), John Denver, Blink 182, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, I went to the Warped tour back in 1996 too. I also saw a group called Sex-Pod back when I lived in NYC. and I saw Leo Kotke (I'm not sure if I spelled that correctly) with my Dad. This past February I saw Pentatonix who were absolutely fabulous.

I want to see the New Kids on tour with 98 degrees and Boys II Men but my ticket to the BSB is taking up my Birthday and half my Christmas present from my parents so I won't be able to see them this time around. I wish I had had the opportunity to see NKOTBSB when they played Fenway... that would have been awesome.

@Sarah - I was sad to have missed the NKOTB and BSB tour. =/ It would have been epic!

Ah the price issue is the same here, Lorien! But - lucky for your cat you love him/her more =D
I find I prefer the cheaper seated tickets because standing for so long actually hurts my back and I get a bit tired haha

Magdalena! You should try get tickets asap - but if you don't there's always the odd few selling on facebook closer to the time! I would have loved to but I'm planning a trip to Vietnam if I can afford it - has anyone ever been and have any advice?

Sarah you've been pretty lucky and what a variety smiley you are clearly a music fan! Was Staind good? I like them!
Wonder if BSB would ever come here... I think my sister would LOVE that!!

@Bianca: Marisa have been on Vietnam. She´s moving now, and totally crazy, but for sure she can give you good advice later smiley

And yeah... after thinking on the relation cat food x concerts, I gues I wouldn´t go to one, unless I somehow manage to have free or super cheap tickets. I´d rather feed a stray cat istead (no doubts that I´m a crazy cat lady, lol)

My cousin Amanda and I went to "the package tour" (oh my) on Saturday night. Boys II Men went first and they were awesome - you wouldn't think they were as old as they are the way they acted. 98 degrees was 2nd and they sang their songs well and were great in that aspect but as for a show and being entertaining they failed miserably - you would think they were really old men with no energy compared to Boys II Men and NKOTB. New Kids on the Block were the final act (they play for 2 hours) and they put on an amazing show - lights, pyrotechnics, moving stage, song and dance!

OMG...I'm dating myself...the only two paid concerts I've been to are New Kids on the Block (Dallas and Shreveport), back in the early 90's. For the tickets for one of the concerts, I slept on the ground in line all night! I was probably 12 or so!

I remember winning tickets to Sesame Street Live off the radio when I was younger, too. And I've seen others in concert and other venues (like the state fair) - I saw Destiny's Child. Back in college, I saw Scarface and Outkast. And I know there have been more doing concerts at football games and such, but apparently not enough to have left that big of an impression. smiley

I've seen a few over the years. When I was really really little, I saw John Denver. smiley I saw Journey (way back when), John Cougar Mellencamp, and then a concert with Johnny Gill, Keith Sweat and Bell Biv Devoe. Then I had a long gap. I saw Ray Charles. Michael McDonald (who I didn't like, but we were in Vegas). The Steve Miller Band (I took my hubby for his b-day and was surprised at how good they were). Bon Jovi.

Last November, I got tickets for my grandson, daughter and I to see the Fresh Beat Band... lol. Backstage-meet-the-band passes and all. Hahaha.

And this is my "year of the concerts" because I decided I wanted to see a couple. So for my "birthday" I'm going to see Fun. in September and then Bon Jovi in October and Pink two weeks after Bon Jovi. The only thing that would be better is if the Killers would come to Seattle. Then I think this year would be perfect.

Early concerts I attended (that I can remember) - Chicago, Eddie Money, Beach Boys, KISS, Cheap Trick, Barry Manilow, Journey, REO Speedwagon, STYX and others that obviously did not have an impact on me. In recent years, I've seen Neil Diamond, Billy Joel (great concert) and The Eagles (best concert to date).
Can't think of any others that I would love to see. Maybe Foreigner, but I think The Eagles have sealed it for me. Heard they may quit touring and am little sad about that because I would go again. My 27 year old son will be attending their concert in Oct. and he can't wait. So funny how our love for certain music gets passed down to our children. All three of my boys love the old stuff from The Eagles, Journey, Boston and other bands my husband and I love. Good music!!!!

We went to see, Journey, Whitesnake and Thunder at the LG Arena NEC Birmingham in England this May 28th.
They really rocked it was Amazing and So Loud smiley

Would love to see The red Hot Chilli Peppers one day and also Pink among many others on the wish list smiley

What a diverse taste in music! My amazing husband just fulfilled my #1 dream which was to see Fleetwood Mac again. I saw them once in 1997 and Stevie Nicks for her Other Side of the Mirror tour. Other favorites I've seen: Heart, Moody Blues, Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, Colton Dixon, Josh Wilson, Tenth Avenue North, David Crowder, Little Big Town, Riverbilly, and Third Day. I'm a Third Day groupie, I will need to eventually seek help for my problems. I really want to take the family to CMA Fest, and I'm thinking it will be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Never been to a bigtime concert, but I've heard that Neil Diamond does a fantastic job of entertaining...would love to see him!

I haven't been to a concert in years, but I saw The Beach Boys, Lee Greenwood, and Rick Springfield in the 80s and mostly Christian/Gospel bands in the 90s.

last night I went to a show that included Will Kindler and Dusty Gray, both of which are local bands that were incredible. The last set of the night was by the Adam Ezra Group, which has gotten huge in New England, especially because of their parody "The Devil Came Up To Boston" [here]. If you watch the video, be warned there are a ton of swears haha. All three bands were great but Adam Ezra's set was absolutely incredible. He's so fun and demands your attention when he's on stage. I highly recommend checking out all 3 musicians when you get the chance.

some of my favorites have been Sugarland, Maroon 5 (LOVE adam!), and Michael Buble. Michael Buble was unbelievably funny. at the end of the show he even turned off his microphone and his voice filled up the arena. amazing.

I haven't been to a concert in quite a few years. I wasn't really a concert goer to begin with, but I did see a few back in the day. I saw April Wine (x2), Streetheart, Harlequin, (3 Canadian bands although April Wine was popular worldwide and the last two are from my hometown), KISS, Jeff Healy, Waylon Jennings, Trooper, Bay City Rollers, Eric Bib, Dwight Yokam, and the last one I can think of is Paul Brandt. I didn't actually go to these concerts, but we use to live right across the highway from the race track in Winnipeg and the Eagles were playing there. I could see the stage from my bedroom window, so I watched the concert with binoculars and had no trouble hearing it because it was really loud. I did the same thing for Supertramp. I did a stint as a pizza delivery driver for a while and I delivered pizza to Bruce Springstein when he did a concert here about 10 years ago. The tip wasn't that great considering I had to deliver 10 or 12 pizzas for him and the band. smiley

I haven't been to a concert for years. Last one I went to was Ricky Martin - have been to Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, The Rockmelons, Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Kenny Rogers (went with my parents - maybe that's where my love of the gambler came from??? lol), Elton John, Tina Turner, Foreigner & The Doobie Brothers. Think that's all. Loved the Foreigner and Doobie Brothers concert....showing my age a little smiley
Lots I would love to go to though, but we don't get too many coming down this neck of the woods all that often smiley

Been to rockmelons bobby brown, amazing rhythm aces, neil and tim finn, split endz, tina turner , Elton john and P!nk TWICE in the truth about love tour, OMFG amaze balls, she is amaaaaaaaaaaazing

I must say you all have great taste in music! I've seen:
Led Zep
Duran Duran
Howard Jones
Bob Dylan
Pink Floyd
Billy Joel
Rolling Stones
The Dead (many times)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Joan Jett
Christopher Cross
The Allman Brothers
Tom Petty
Stone Temple Pilots
And probably more I can't remember at this moment. smiley I don't go to concerts as much as I used to due to my illness, so I miss it. My Sweetie is a drummer and I met back up with him at a concert he was playing at the beach in my hometown when I went to visit.

@dee: i'm fascinated! smiley

I'm now waiting for October 12th (my b-day) to see Vaya Con Dios on their last tour... I can't wait...

Hope you have fun, Jana! smiley