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Better mobile support

I spent a good amount of time swearing trying to log in to pixelscrapper on my phone so I could look at the forums. It refused.
But I hate looking at forums on phones anyways.
Could we set up with Tapatalk?
A few of the forums I use use it, including member-only forums. It makes checking and replying an absolute breeze.

This is something we've been thinking about, Amber. Unfortunately tapatalk won't work with our forum software out of the box, but we will definitely be thinking about how best to provide great mobile access to Pixel Scrapper in the future.

As far as logging in, I apologize for the trouble. You should be able to log in on your phone by visiting

Thanks for this link Jordan! I just bookmarked it on my phone... its going to make browsing in bed so much easier, haha. smiley

Previously I've been clicking on assets, choosing the first one, hitting the download button, and then it prompts you to register. At the very bottom of that dialog box it says "already have an account? sign in here" and so I click that and log in that way, desperate times... haha.

@Catherine: haha, sorry for the inconvenience! We do hope to have a more mobile-friendly version of the site operational in the future smiley