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Creative Memories Storybook Creator 4

Hi! I'm relatively new to digital scrapbooking and I'm using Storybook Creator 4 by Creative Memories. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see some forum discussion on this program. I think it's relatively simple compared to Photoshop but still, for a newbie like myself, being able to talk about it with other users would be great!

Thanks for the suggestion, Liz. We will definitely try to have more dedicated software forums in the future as our community grows.

Regarding Creative Memories in particular, I just finished reading this ad and this article explaining CM's recent bankruptcy filing and what it will mean for the business and products.
Unfortunately it sounds like this software will no longer be supported. You may want to start considering your options for programing in the future. I hope I'm not upsetting anyone, I'm just not sure if it's wise to devote time to a program that will probably be obsolete sooner than later. The good news is, this is a good place to start if you want to learn something else!

I have storybook creator 3 and instead of upgrading I went to and downloaded artisan 4. They are the makers of storyboard creator and you can buy their program and it is heaps cheaper - well for me in New Zealand it was heaps cheaper than what I paid for storybook creator. I find it a great program....all I need to create my layouts smiley

Just to let you all know, we have now merged the software-specific forums, so you are welcome to discuss Storybook Creator, Artisan, or any other software tools in the new forum:

Liz, I have had Storybook Creator for five years now and LOVE it. It is so easy to use. With the changes in the company, I suppose that at some point I will switch to the new program Artisan, but for now I will continue with Storybook. I have found that I can download free artwork and load it onto SBC with no problem, and I have used Shutterfly for printing.

I, too, use SBC and love it. As long as your computer lives, your SBC program will live. When my computer dies, then I'll go to Artisan. Until then, SBC as usual for me!

I agree! Since Creative Memories is kaput, I've switched to Panstoria Artisan (same program as Storybook). For new users, Pixels to Pages is an amazing resource! But I'm always looking for more communities to get ideas from. And Artisan may be simpler than Adobe Photoshop to get started but it is a very powerful program!