DESIGNER CHALLENGE: Xmas in July - Week 2 (Papers)

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DESIGNER CHALLENGE: Xmas in July - Week 2 (Papers)

Sometimes it's hard to keep on your toes and be prepared for all the holidays as they come around. So we're going to get a head start and work on Christmas! If Christmas isn't inspiring to you, feel free to branch out into another winter theme. I've set a different category for each week in July to help you keep on track and feel free to share whatever you've made and questions and thoughts here in the thread.

July Week 1 - Planning, palette selection
July Week 2 - Papers
July Week 3 - Elements
July Week 4 - Alphas, clusters, quick pages, etc

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Here a preview of my papers:

This is really a great challenge!

Not sure I like all of the papers I post, but if I didn't post what I have so far, I wouldn't post at all! Probably change my mind later. Do others go through the same dilemma?




First post of this was a bad one.

@Andene, I can't seem to see any images in your posts, they just appear blank.
I have the same issue, as I'm just starting out. my first attempt looks more like cracked easter eggs smiley
I didn't make most of the images myself by the way, (apart from the tree/angels), I'm still learning how to do that smiley

Saskia, I love your choice of colors and all those papers are DELICIOUS. I especially like the charcoal one with the silver glitter edging.

Andene, I feel your pain! "Indecision" is my worst enemy. I think you are right to post what ya got and sort it out later. Nothing worse than letting second-guessing stop you in your tracks. I love your palette, too. That warm golden honey color with the rich green and red . . . YUM!

Jess, excellent start! Everything you've created is so bright and cheerful. I especially like your tumbling snowmen paper. I hope you are having a bunch of fun being creative, because that is the most important thing and it is so easy to forget because we are focused on the results, rather than enjoying the process. I look forward to seeing lots more creations from you!

Fran, what a beautiful soft palette for baby. Everything you've created is so sweet and delicate. The pastel papers are positively PRECIOUS. (I am wondering if you mean "ornament" instead of "ornamate" for the name of your kit and the word art? Maybe I'm just confused and if so, ignore me!)

Here's my Week Two Papers . . .

Click image for bigger preview.

And now I am hungry for gingerbread cookies! smiley

Here is the preview of my papers...

A little late in joining but I hope to keep up now. Where I live Christmas doesn't involve snow or freezing weather but we do have poinsettas in our gardens, so I've opted for a "local" version of Christmas using this palate.
Not too happy with the papers but this is what I've come up with so far. Will add plains later.
This looks to be a really varied and inspiring blog train.
P.S. Thanks Sheila for the sand style.

@Jess - Thanks for letting me know about pics. Hopefully it is fixed. Ditto on the comment from Holly!!
@Holly - Thanks! Love your glitter papers.
Glad to hear others have to walk away from computer, take a second, third, fourth look at what they created, walk away and come back for more looks. Honestly, are we ever completely satisfied? Guess that's what makes us women and able to create bigger and better things, unlike some men I know. smiley If I ask my husband if he likes something and he says yes, I usually will change it. The world would be so boring if we WERE completely satisfied!!! Right? smiley

Oh, Harriett, I absolutely love your Coastal Christmas!

@Saskia - I never would have thought that palette for Christmas, but after seeing your gorgeous papers, I LOVE it!

@Andene - I love your palette, such rich tones, beautiful.
I always end up changing my mind, especially on papers. Often my kits end up with less papers that I originally made and sometimes I end up replacing some with new ones I make at the last minute after I have weeded though.

@Jess - I am glad you are leaning and participating with us smiley Your papers are so very cute!

@Fran - I love your Baby's First theme. Absolutely lovely!

@Holly - Your palette is wonderful! Your papers are great, I just love your textures.

@Tina - Such vibrant and fun colors. Your patterned papers are just too cute!

@Harriet - I love your "local" christmas, just beautiful!!

These are all so beautiful!! I can't wait to see more!

wow, everyone is doing such an awesome job! thanks for the kind comments. I love how christmas can be anything you want it to be. Love the costal and baby christmas themes especially! I am enjoying the designer side, and I'm learning a lot just by seeing all these lovely creations! I haven't even checked out the tutorials on here yet, but i will when I get time. I'd love to learn how to do curves better and do glitters, scatters, and brads. So much to learn smiley

Love what I am seeing by EVERYONE! I am still working on mine... have been sick so running a bit behind. Will share as soon as I finish up my papers.

My papers for this challenge:

So wonderful everyone!

Such awesome papers, ladies! =D

It's taken me a while but I finally got a "somethin'" together. My theme is our farm colors, mainly John Deere...hubby bleeds green! smiley

Sorry I'm late, I was on vacay!
Here's my first few papers!

Wow, everyone's submissions are fabulous....I am running super behind once again, internet has been out for 3 days, just got it fixed today:) Hopefully I can get something up, even if its just a few papers and elements....Can't wait to see all the rest:)

Here are my papers! Soooo behind too with vacations and everything...

@Holly, My 7 year old son was sitting on my lap and we were looking at all the papers together when he saw your gingerbread man getting eaten and he busted out laughing and was so tickled we had to stay there and watch it for at least 10 minutes! Thank you for that sweet moment with my son:) WE LOVE YOUR LITTLE EMOTICONS!!!

Wow! Everyone's papers are amazing! I am so impressed with the talent here.

N'awwwwwwwwwwww . . . Sheila, I can't even tell you how happy your comment has made me. I am an absolute Smiley junkie, and I am thrilled to hear you and your son had a special moment because of that! My day is MADE!

Bless your generous heart for taking the time to share that story with me. *purrs with happiness*

Cintia . . . what an opulent combination of colors. Love, love, love the turquoise quilted paper with the wee red hearts paper.

Judy, your green wavy paper is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Elizabeth . . . I live in a very rural place, and your Christmas nod to "John Deere" green makes me smile. Is that "International Harvester" red as well in your designs?

Penny, your palette is wonderfully rich, too. Love the bright, happy plaids you've included as well as the seasonal designs.

Harriett, what a fun bunch of papers. I always forget some people don't have white Christmases. Love the lush green and warm golds and red you've chosen for your palette. Can't wait to see your coastal elements.

Fran, I am so happy to hear the spelling change will be an easy one for you. YAY! And your Kokeshi dolls are amazingly CUTE! Love their sweet little faces and beautiful kimonos.

Tina . . . such pretty colors you've chosen to work with! And I love all the little snowflakes you've incorporated. The texture on your solid papers is especially nice, too.

Awesome papers, Everyone!

I'm taking a pass on this challenge this time. Just can't get into that Christmas mood. smiley Looking forward for the next one though. smiley

WOW ladies you have all done an amazing job. I love all the colors and previews. I am still working on mine but have been hindered by company coming which means the dreaded {Cleaning} hahaha I have several things in progress but nothing finished. Story of my life


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