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I have finished the elements and am starting on the papers tonight. I only have a sneak peak right now (too busy right now to upload the real thing), so will have to wait a little while longer... smiley

Here is the peak:

@Melouise....OMGosh, CUTEST EVER!!! I can't WAIT to see the whole thing......

Shelia Love your kit.

Melouise your kit is looking adorable!

Shelia thank you for the styles, they will come in handy.

@Cynthia....Your very welcome, and Thanks smiley

seriously you guys, adorableness overload smiley

Here are the At The Beach Wood Styles I made:)

You can grab them here:) I hope they come in handy for someone!! I only have 2 style sets left to put on here, my At The Beach Distressed Chipboard, and At The Beach Distressed Sticker Styles....can you tell I'm a style addict......I LOVE to make them..They are soooo handy for
me when designing a kit. Anyway, I hope you like them and can use them in your designs and scrapping:)

Here are the At The Beach Distressed Chipboard Styles:)

You can get them here:)

And last but not least, here are the At The Beach Sticker Styles:) Ok, Ok, I'm done now, these are the last of them, I promise, lol:)

You can get them here:)

SQUEEEEEEE! This blog train is gonna be FANfreakinTASTIC! I am IN LOVE with the colours and everyone's stuff looks so good!!

Sheila, I smiley your styles! You're gonna make me a styles junkie! smiley I'm already working on an alpha with your water style... depending on how much time I get, I might do more! (my husband should be getting his dismissal letter ANY time now, so who knows when I'll be busy moving!)

This is my first blog train, and technically my first batch of scrapbooking papers.... I was having a LOT of fun with all the templates and overlays I've picked up here and got REALLY carried away, so I ended up making about 60 papers: 32 are in these three kits that are for the blog train, and the rest I am posting on my blog now (I posted about them in the Freebies section here)... but don't quote me on the numbers 'cause I can't seem to count so well today... lol.

@Mollie.....OMGosh!!! I am sooo in LOVE with your papers!!!!! You are amazing for someone who just starting making papers:) Oh, and thanks for making them cu4cu!!

Well I was in LOVE with this palette...and ended up making two full kits out of it...each one started out with intention of being part of the blog train but well they just didnt end up here. Sooo I decided to do a few clusters and a paper for my portion of the blog train that matches my kits. But looking at everyone elses I feel like I need to do more now! smiley Everyone has such great stuff posted! so here are my clusters

@Sheila - thank you! But I can't take too much credit - they're all templates and overlays that I've gotten with my DC here. smiley

So excited for this. This has to be one of my fav color combos

Love what everyone has done so far! I always think "oh I have lots of time" then it gets to the middle of the month and then I think I better get a move on. Then the last week of the month comes and I think "oh [email protected]!". I've been rounding up resources, and putting a few ideas away, but nothing really gelled yet. I better get at it this weekend...

Looking great everyone! I may actually work on my part at the beach! Coming soon...

Oh my goodness, everyone's submissions are incredible! I hope that I will be able to participate as well. =D

Everyone is/has done a great job on the ones they have done! smiley

wow... it´s great. I hope I have time to jump in, lol.

Awesome blog train so far. Love everyone's parts!!

So I realized that the kit preview I posted on page 3 was kind of meh and didn't show the best preview for the 1st paper in the 2nd here's a preview of what you couldn't see!

OMG even MORE cuteness!!! you guys, this is going to be AMAZING!! smiley

I got a new font the other day and I found out that it has extra features so I tried it out and made some stickers for the kit because they're perfect! The font I purchased is Jacques & Gilles by Emily Lime (available here). I highly recommend this font, and many of her others!

Here's a preview of the stickers I made, both with and without the white 'sticker' outlines smiley

Sharilynn, what a beautiful font that is and I adore the stickers you've created with it for the blog train. Funky and very fun!

Oh my gosh...loooook at all the awesome kits!! And I do mean awesome!!

Now, I need to go read instructions, (I know they are around somewhere) and learn how to put it on my blog and put links in to all your gorgeous kits and when to do it and ohhh... exciting and a little scary. I've never joined in on a blog train before, but have definitely traveled them!! smiley If I need hand holding this first time around, you all aren't gonna make fun of me, are you??? LOL (it's ok if you do, I'm a silver-haired blonde, I can take it) LOL

I'm new here, but I plan to participate in this blog train and will have a preview up in a few days. Thanks!

I am SO sorry, but due to this sudden crisis, I am not going to be able to have my part of the blog train up any time in the concievable future... even if I were able to get access to upload them to my 4Shared, I don't have access to the files themselves and I don't know when I will have access to them again.

Hopefully, I will be able to post them and not lose them... but I don't know. If they aren't lost, they will get posted on my blog as soon as possible and will stay up there and won't come down.

I hope you'll accept my sincerest appologies.

Hope someone will let me know if I've done anything incorrectly. My contribution is ready. Do we post in the gallery as well? I'm assuming we offer the kit on our blog, along with a list of the other contributions? When does that information get publicized? Thanks for answers! Here's my kit preview:

@Dona: The gallery is only for digital layouts. A couple days before August I will put up the sign up thread where you can post your preview and link.