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Okay, I'm stepping out into serious nerd territory here.
Anyone gamers? I LARP, I participate in ARGs as they come up, and I'm currently involved in [url=]Ingress[/url] (which is taking my life away from me, when I should be thesising)

I'm into video gaming. The Sims and MineCraft are blacklisted from my life because I get lost in them. I usually can balance life and World of Warcraft, but the subscription is out of my budget right now so I am playing through Diablo 3. My husband and I like to game together, and I will play League of Legends strictly so he doesn't have to be surrounded by jerks all alone. I used to play a TON of console games and console arcade games - I LOVE the Legend of Zelda series, Harvest Moon, Plants vs Zombies, and I had a serious crush on Alistar from Dragon Age: Origins - but we sold pretty much all of our consoles when we started to play them less and less and bills grew.

I have never tried LARP, but I do have a few D&D dungeon master guides for their bestiaries. They make for really awesome reference for drawing or writing! smiley

I enjoy watching people play video games. My fine motor skills and spatial skills are so poor that I usually end up in tears over the games. So I've got plenty of friends that play all the different MMOS, paid and free.
You should LARP! Everyone should LARP!

I haven't been able to play WoW for a couple of years, I need to get a new computer with better graphics. WoW was great therapy after work, I could kill things and take out pent up frustration. LOL!!! I also used to play Guild Wars, and purchased the Guild Wars 2 software, but have the same graphics issue so haven't even gotten it to load. I like arcade games, too... had all the Sims expansion packs, but steered clear of Sims 2 & 3. I still occasionally play Zoo Tycoon, especially if I've had a rough day at work. Now, though, it seems like all I do is Farmville 2 and Chefville on Facebook. That's a sad state of affairs right there. smiley

I've always wanted to LARP!

I'm quite fond of video games, both on the computer and other systems. I'm a diehard Mario Brothers fan so any Mario related game on any Nintendo system is my jam! I also love all of the Call of Duty games, God of War, the Sims, WoW, a ton of games on Facebook, Animal Crossing, all the Batman/other superhero games, honestly I play/have played like most games on most systems. I'm a huge much so that it's being incorporated into our wedding a LOT!

It would probably be easier for me to list what games I don't/haven't played! smiley

My hubby is a hardcore gamer, and I´m a gamer, but not-so-addicted as him, as I have scrap to run away from reality too. We both are into table top RPGs in general, and sometimes in card games (the one we love the most is Munchkin) and board games (did I tell you that I have a collection of late 80´s early 90´s board games?) When I was younger I used to play LARP based on White Wolf games, and my hubby used to play the medieval themed where you play with foam weapons - they had training on how to use foam swords for a long time, and, for one or two years, my husband was the "teacher of swordplaying" of our Lord of the Rings fan club - so they used to train at a park close to our house every Saturday, and twice or three times a week on vacations - the weird part is that I NEVER really could fight with those swords, and he tried everything he could to teach me - made a lighter sword, went patientlly step by step several times... Now I can´t even try, due to my ankle...

Well, unfortunatelly, there isn´t any group making LARP with swordplaying at this moment here in Brazil - but we have groups who have swordplay arenas, so it´s the best action my hubby gets for now. However, some friends have a weird idea of making a brazilian group for battle of the nations, and, if they do so, probably my husband will be on the main team... And I´ll be on the "field camp" :p

But, for now, I will stay with computer games. My MMO of choice is Jade Dynasty, because it don´t require that much of skills: You can set your char to fight automatically, and it´s also easy to find locations in the map, because it has an auto-route system. On games like Final Fantasy I used to spend more time lost than really playing, lol. And the feature that allows the character playing by itself is good because you just set it and go do house chores, scrap, etc. Then, when you want to play, there are special quests and other things that you need to be on keyboard. It´s also a very social game - I have game mates that have been playing together for around 2 years now smiley

Out of the internet, I am a great fan of Civilization (I know Marisa likes it too), but the problem is: I can´t stop: I forget even to eat when I´m playing civ. So I allow myself only one or two weeks of civilization per year, and of the series Heroes of Might and Magic - I play since the first game! The only one I haven´t played was the VI. It´s good because you have time to think, and the hot seat multiplayer is VERY entretaining - sometimes, we deceide to play heroes hot seat with people that use to visit us, in a way we are playing and chatting/doing some other thing at same time, as only one of us play at each time. When my hubby and I aren´t willing to do house chores, sometimes we do them playing heroes hotseat too: in a way that we have constant breaks of the chores with something fun in between then.

Yes, we are REALLY nerdy here, if you haven´t figured it out yet, lol.

We don't do those games BUT we love puzzle-type PC games (Plants Vs. Zombies, Peggle, Chuzzle, etc.) and Wii games, but mostly those we exercise with (Just Dance, The Hip Hop Dance Experience, Zumba, More Workouts, the bowling game that comes with it). If I'm killing time at work, I play solitaire! smiley I only play Words with Friends on Facebook and I play a few others on my phone (SongPop, 94 seconds, 4 Pics 1 Word). For physical games, we play dominoes and bingo and pool around here!

My husband and I met playing FFXI. We starting playing Aion last year when it went free to play. We tried out MANY other FTP games then ended up playing WOW for a little bit at the beginning of this year but now are back to playing Aion (we are Elyos on Ishraphel in case anyone cares - my main is Engliana - also we run our own legion all are welcome if you want to join smiley).

My husband and I met many many years ago playing Ultima Online. We also played Star Wars Galaxies (Hubby played from Beta), until it ended and World of Warcraft for a few years.

I am currently taking a break from gaming, but he is still playing Ultima Online and a new Star Wars Galaxies EMU.

Back in high school and a few years after I was really into tabletop RPG's. But I have never done LARP. It always looked really interesting to me, though.

I spent two days installing Sims 2 on my windows 8 laptop. Does that tell you something? smiley

I don't do the gaming like you all do but I do love slot machines! I have a subscription to Reel Deal Live and own many of the WMS, IGT and Phantom FX software. Before retiring I had a very stressful job and before my Mom died she loved going to the Indian casinos so I kind of got hooked on playing the slots. I knew that I wouldn't win but it was more for therapy to destress and be "brain dead" and relax. After Mom died it was not fun to go and just lose money and so I welcomed all the software that I had collected.

It is all very addicting and yes, I have had my days of not doing anything else! I still love my games but now after getting into digi scrapping I don't seem to have as much time to play those games as I am scrapping instead! I also have a lot of games on my Ipad that I play when traveling or at night before going to bed but I usually don't want any games that take a lot of concentration/calculation it is more just for fun....I left all that brain power at the office when I retired!

I play or have played WoW (from Vanilla - Panderia), Guildwars, Guildwars 2, EVE, the sims 1, 2, 3, medival, Sim City, Zoo Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, various playstation games, facebook games are my newest addiction.
My hubby has tried to get me to play D&D, and I've done a campaign or two but I just can't really get into it. He is actually starting a new group that will be meeting at our house this weekend to play.
Hubby and I always game together. When money permits we are on WoW together (FOR THE HORDE!) and when money is tight we stick to Guildwars 2.

Never been much into computer games but I used to play a lot of table-top RPGs many years ago and I still have all the kit. I met my husband at an RPG group in 1982 - love at first dice smiley

I'm a proud WoW player - Troll druid (For the HORDE!) - I've been playing it since Wrath.

I'm also a huge fan of the Starcraft games - in fact, I don't think there's a game that Blizzard has released I don't like!

LOL am I the only Alliance player on Wow?!

I smiley smiley smiley Blizzard! I think they are a fantastic design studio, and I like them as a company as well. I got into WoW at Burning Crusade and have played every expansion every since. I play Alliance - I've tried horde but I get bored. smiley Burning Crusade was really when I first discovered Blizzard, but I have really enjoyed them ever since. Like I said before, I am currently playing through Diablo 3 - my husband and I did the 1-year WoW subscription promo, so we got Diablo 3 for free. It was a pretty awesome bonus for playing a game we were already gonna play anyway! smiley

@ Susan. It doesn't surprise me that it took that long to install the Sims 2 on Windows 8. Sims 2 is considered not compatible with Windows 8. EA is terrible about supporting their games, so don't expect any help from them any time soon. They repackaged all the OLD Command & Conquer games and "supposedly" made them compatible with new systems - they didn't; all they did was slap the games together in the same package - that. was. it. - You DO NOT EVEN want to get me going on all the reasons why I do NOT like EA! lol
I was so sad when I found out that EA purchased Pop Cap (the company responsible for Peggle, Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled, etc - basically EVERY puzzle game I love). IMHO, EA ruins everything they touch.

I tried to get into Guild Wars, but I seriously had a hard time playing it because I couldn't jump in it. >.< I have thought of giving it another chance, though...

Oh, Sharilynn, I often ask that very same question! I am ALLIANCE AND PROUD!! ;P

I have tried gaming but I get bored way too quickly...but i know pretty much every game that has been mentioned here! My husband is a gamer. He is currently playing League of Legends as we speak...haha. I have played WOW way back when I was in high school and I was dating someone who loved to play it. I will grab a controller once in a while when my husband is playing call of duty or something. I do love playing family games (Wii, Kinect...) and we just got Little Big Planet Karting, which is totally fun! But other than that I just get way too bored!

I used to play RPG when I was in college and live role played as well but when I moved I lost my group and I live in a town where I couldn't really find another group. I miss it so much even now ( It's been more than ten years...) I am waiting for my son to grow a litlle older now... smiley

@Mollie: EA bougut Pop Cap? o.O

More reasons to love this forum. smiley

My sister usually buys the latest games and consoles (starcraft, diablo, cooking mama, prince of persia etc.) but Im the better player (at least in god games). Weve played together since that Konami's Rambo type game (cant remember its proper name for the life of me). But now that we live apart I dont have the urge to buy my own. So it's mostly casual gaming for now. (bigfishgames) I like the story lines. smiley

But this is a reminder I should be thinking of going back to the Jim Raynor story. smiley Thanks!

@Lorien: Yeah, EA bought PopCap in 2011 for $650 million. >:/

@mollie @sharilynn, Until I moved recently, everyone I knew was Alliance. Now everyone around me is Horde.

I have a larp this weekend. I'll post some pictures/a layout after it's over.

I don't LARP, but I have some friends who do. I play DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) obsessively, but don't play pen-and-paper. I tried WOW but I didn't like it... I love the complex character customization available in DDO, and WoW just doesn't have that.

My sister met her husband on WOW though. smiley

My entire family is a big bunch of nerdy gamers. =P My mom and grandma got into playing Zelda and SuperMario when I was a kid. My mom still plays Zelda. =P My sister loves games, and my brother is a World of Warcraft addict! My husband is a hardcore gamer. My sons are really into gaming as well. My son, Maddox, is by far the most addicted. He can play adult-difficulty games with no problems and he's only five! He really enjoys it. (Although lately we've had to limit his game time since he is way too addicted! =P) I've never tried LARPing, but I've always wanted to. My family really enjoys cosplaying. smiley

I'm a gamer. Especially I love MMORPGs and adventure games. My all time favorite is Dark Age of Camelot!
But I play a lot of other genres, too. smiley

Too bad those who play the table-top games can't get together! My husband really misses playing Mordheim & Warhammer (moreso the former), and he's always hoping to come across a group to play with! Not up my alley, but my brothers used to play growing up, so I understand & fully support his nerd needs.

I used to play Sims2 like whoa back in the 90s and early 2000s on our old, slow desktop. lol Sometimes I think about getting an old copy for my laptop, but then I remember how I could spend HOURS playing, and I think I just can't afford another time-consumer in my life right now.

LP, Google Hangouts is used quite a bit for table top gaming with people you aren't nearby smiley

Im kind of playing a new game from PW, called Fortuna. It´s about building cities and armies. Not sure if I really like it or not.

@Amber, that's interesting! ha! How exactly does that work? I imagine you'd still need a nice big table to set up on, which we don't really have here at home. There is a local comic shop that opened about a year ago, but most of the people there are into card games (Magic) or D&D. He's thought about getting into D&D -- hasn't played since HS -- but he just really misses Warhammer/Mordheim.