Where is this paper?

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Where is this paper?

Has anyone seen this paper in a kit?
I've found it on pinterest in a couple of places and the pin takes me back to the old version of Pixel Scrapper.
I've looked through all the kits on here and don't see it and searching through the assets is taking forever.
Does anyone know where I can find it?
I love the color and pattern and want to add it to my stash!

Thanks for the help!

Tiffany: I'm sure as soon as Marisa sees this post she will tell you if she's uploaded it to the new site yet. I'm thinking I haven't seen it yet, but it's always possible I've just overlooked it. smiley

OMG! I love that design. I hope she uploads it as a template too! Its beautiful...

That paper isn't available any longer. I used a template for it, and was unsure about the licensing on it, so I removed it. Although, maybe I'll try making something similar myself now...

I'm sure I have some elements that I can use to make something similar. I was just being lazy... smiley

Sounds good. Thanks Marisa and Cat! I have plenty of other elements to work with so please don't put yourself out on my account.
It was more of a nagging mystery that was driving me crazy because I couldn't find it.

The sites been around for a long time, and when we switched over to the new site, I deleted or changed a lot of things. Cleaned up some older things that were questionable for TOU or just not really that good...

That is a fab design!! I love it also!