Have not received any daily DC!

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Have not received any daily DC!

I have been on this site for a few days now and have yet to receive any of my DC! I think I'm up to 8 DC a day and I haven't gotten any yet! I have a few kits that I'm really wanting to download!

Hi Stefanee, I've replied to your post here. I'm sorry for the late response, but we have been traveling lately.

Note that free daily download credits do not accumulate, and aside from the free kit you get for joining, kit downloads are reserved for people who donate to the site (as little as $5)... unfortunately the kits are simply too large for us to allow unlimited kit downloads for everyone.

There should be a message to this affect above the "donate" button on every kit page (see screenshot). Are you not seeing that message? Please reply in the dedicated thread for this issue.

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