August Designer Challenge Ideas?

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August Designer Challenge Ideas?

A new month is coming our way, so I've got to start thinking about our next monthly designer challenge. Do you like having a theme like this month (Christmas in July) or do you want to go back to the daily prompts we were doing before? Or do you want to do something else?

I'm also thinking about having a weekly challenge, maybe for templates. What do you think?

I liked the daily prompts better, I think, but the way we're doing now is fine if it's easier for other people. When you say a challenge for templates, do you mean to create our own templates, or you give the template and we create a design from it? I'm intrigued, either way.

ilike littler things. find rhat one massive challenge that you need to do each day, or every few days is too much for me to take on, and prefer mini kits, or weekly challenges.

I like the idea of weekly challenges as well this time around. I was thinking of something like a "Share". Pick a color palette to be used for the four weeks. Then weekly prompts could be something like Papers; Buttons, Bows, Brads and Fasteners; Ribbons, Wraps, Banners and Strings; Frames, Tags and Journal Blocks; Flowers, Leaves, Butterflies and Birds, as examples. Then when posting the preview also include a link for the download. At the end of the challenge by mixing and matching what we downloaded we could make a quick page to be downloaded by anyone who would want it.

Nobody should feel obligated to post all items included in the weekly prompts, just whatever you would like to contribute. So if you just want to make some frames or tags, for example, that would be great. smiley

I really like the weekly challenge, it gives us time to plan it out. I liked the scrap lift challenge one the best. I would go for the theme or subject. Even a type of picture. What if you gave us a photo and see how many different ways we interpret it. That would be so interesting.

I have yet to even participate in a challenge. Not sure why. But I think a themed challenge would help because it would
nudge my creativity! smiley

I really like the weekly challenge that we had last month where we made one item every day. I like that people can choose to do theirs day by day, or as they have time. smiley I also really love templates challenges! =D

Daily prompts! Daily prompts! Daily prompts! Daily prompts! Daily prompts! Daily prompts! Daily prompts! Daily prompts! Daily prompts! smiley

If I didn't know any better I would think that Tina likes daily prompts. smiley

Hehe. I like them too. smiley

haha, tina smiley I also liked the scraplift challenge

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