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Thank you so much for all the freebies, those grass frames are so unique smiley

Thank you Daniela.

Now, a simple bow with the matching straight ribbon, for your upcoming celebrations.

Get it on this page.

Our monthly featured freebie is a set of spring flowers in Picture Tube format (for PaintShop Pro users only).

You can grab them here.

I just created an alpha using a tool script for PaintShop Pro. I used a paper from Marisa's kit, The Good Life.
That alpha took less than a minute to make.

The whole alpha is saved in a single image, each layer being labeled so you can just click and drag the layers you want.
A version in .pspimage format is available on the blog.

If you cannot open the .pspimage format, you can download a layered .psd version HERE.

Wow, many thanks, so cool smiley

I coded a new script that turns your straight and flat ribbon into butterflies. You can get these free samples on the blog:

Get them on this page.

The newest element in the store is a 5th set of zipper picture tubes, which can then be used either along an edge or in any shape you want to reveal something. I made some frames using the zipper teeth on the edges.

You can get them on the blog.

This week, my clients will be able to purchase marshmallow twist picture tubes to create sweets, so I made a sweet frame from it, using one of the twist.

You can download it on the blog.

The theme of the month is SHOES, so I created some preset shoe shapes for PaintShop Pro.

And you can get those at the bottom of this blog post.

Thanks for the preset Carole!

This week, I had fun in creating picture tubes that can make those balloon twists and you can arrange them however you want. I made them in one color along with white. For a free sample, I used the red balloons and made a large heart-shape frame, in PNG format.

You can grab it on the blog

How awesome!!

This week, we have a script that will turn any one or two straight ribbons into a dragonfly.

You can get those five dragonflies on the blog.

More freebies as a new month comes.
You can get a set of digits that are sprayed, in primary colors. Perfect for back to school projects.

You can get it on this blog post.

As our featured freebie, here is a set of digits, made of balloons.
That will be perfect for a birthday or anniversary.

You can get this set on this page.

A new month means a new freebie in the Campus with the Theme of the month blog post: TREES
You get these trees picture tubes (only for PaintShop Pro users).

You can get it on this blog post (scroll to the bottom)

The new month also means a new featured freebie on the store blog.
This time, it is a png template that you can use as a mask for your Back to school photos.

And you can get it on this page.

Another frame made of balloons.

Available on this post.

For your hot love photos, this week, I released a script that adds flames along any vector path (in PaintShop Pro).
I created a heart-shaped frame of flames.

You can get it on this post.

Thanks so much for the freebies, I enjoyed your class the other day. I even signed up to be a diamond member and have started watching the tutorials...learning so much. I have been doing some things the hard way!

Glad to see you in the Campus. I hope you enjoy your stay for a long time smiley

Our newest freebie for this week, is a frame made up of sparkles. The frame is in PNG format and fits a 3600x3600 pixels projects.

You can get it here.

The monthly featured freebie for September is a back to school set of slats that you can use as masks or as background.

And it is available HERE.

Your word slats are super cool! Thank you so much smiley

Another bow script for a softer bow (as requested) and I made these ones for you.

You can get them on the blog HERE.

Not everything should be perfect and neat, so I created a set of digits that are corroded with my newest script.

Grab the set on the blog.

Everyone with a sweet tooth will like these wafer digits. They are chocolate and ZERO calories. You can add ice cream to them if you want!

Get them on the blog

Book lovers will find ways to use these two shelves full of books.
Each set is 4000 pixels long of random books; one set is in the orangy tones while the other one has more of the basic colors for various themes.

Newly added to the blog

For Halloween, you can use these fun tokens with a full alphabet plus 6 cute ghosts.

Download them on this page

Lovely bows! Thanks for sharing!