Sept 2020 LC - Design

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Sept 2020 LC - Design

My design challenge for you this month is to browse "ad design" on Pinterest and use some of the images to inspire your layout.

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when September does.
  2. Be sure to post your layout in this month's completion thread if you would like to earn download credits. More details here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: sept 2020 journaling, sept 2020 layout challenge
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. See updated rules here.

Picked this one.

My layouts

Thanks for the lovely challenge, Marisa.
AMarie: Love your layouts, great look, like oversized photo corners.

My pick

Got rid off some wrap around bars and some space to have more room for the pics, I picked A4 because I want to work with this format every now and then.... the clean look got lost once I ventured into Maris'a brushes. Was fun.

What a FuN challenge! So much inspiration on Pinterest. I used this one:

Here's Dinner Options:

I just love this kind of challenge so much, I did another one. Here's my inspiration:

Here's Santa Cruz Wharf & Boardwalk:

My ad:

My version:

Here is the ad that I chose off of pinterest

My NZ Travel Layout - Inspired by the California PCH

Wonderful pages here ladies ! Love them all!

Love these ad challenges - great takes on the ads, Ladies!

thanks for this challenge, very beautiful layouts ladies! smiley

page by culture-crunch

Love this challenge so much, I did another one. Here's the ad inspiration:

Here's Early Dinner at the Wharf:

Here is my inspiration piece ... love the lettering style

so I mimicked it in my layout ...

I was able to finish up my daughter's 8th birthday spread because of this challenge!

Here's the ad I found through Pinterest:

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