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Hello Everyone, my name is Leslie and I live in Detroit, Michigan. I am a retired educator and love all things paper and books. Found this site while doing a graphics search and am loving coming by everyday - slowly but surely becoming a "hybrid" paper crafter and Pixelscrapper is a large part of that process. Thanks so much for all the beautiful art and generous policies. smiley

Welcome Leslie
I hope you continue enjoying being here at Pixel Scrappers.
Do no hesitate to ask for any help you may need.

Thanks for saying hi Leslie! Let me know if you have any questions especially about using Pixel Scrapper for hybrid scrapbooking. It's a new area for us that I'm hoping to develop, especially because it's such a big favorite of mine.

Hello everyone, my name is nancy and I am allmost 48 . Since about 6 month’s i’m struggeling with a bad depression. A part off my therepie is to start a gratitude journal. I have allways loved to scrapbook on my Ipad so I am going to combine the two. I love the pixelscrapper website and I love to see all the prettie things everybody Has Made !!!
And since I have more “free/sick” time now you will see me more often. Thank you so far ! Lots of love Nancy

Welcome Nancy
Scrapbooking can be very good therapy so I hope it does help you.

Thank you very much! An I hope so !

Hi! I'm Kate. If I weren't homeschooling my two kids, I'd be teaching high school math. My main craft is knitting, then crochet and spinning. Unfortunately, Texas isn't great for knitwear!

I used to make ATCs and altered books for land mail arts swaps, but had to stop to focus on college. After I had kids, I started making our holiday cards using elements and papers from here and got hooked! My husband and I are working on hybrid scrapbooking our family vacation from almost 3 years ago.

I use GIMP for digital art.

I'm Leah, new to the site. I just found it while searching on pinterest. I'm a digital artist. I make scraps for personal and commerical use. I have loads of FTU digi scraps on my blog that I've made as well. I've been making scraps for many years. I use photoshop as my main tool. You can find my art on blogger, pinterest, glitter graphics, and facebook. All my links are in my bio! Stop by and say hi!!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hi.

Hi everyone,
My name is Willemijn. I am from the Netherlands. I am a mom of 2 beautiful children. For which I annualy make a digital photo album.
This continuous project brought me to this site. I was learning improving my creative skills in a software tool. During the tutorials elements, backgrounds, frames were used that were downloaded from this site. I liked them so much that I became curious and started checking out the site. I fell in love immedately. What an abundance of creative materials. So, I created a profile.
I am not a designer or a graphic artist. However I appreciate very much all your work and skills.
Thank you for adding me to your community. i will be visiting regularly.

Welcome Willemijn!

Hi! My name is Alexandria, and I live in Jewett City, CT. I'm autistic, and I like music, giraffes, and arts and crafts. There's not much going on in my life (except that I have 2 dogs and 4 cats).

Welcome to all the new members.

I'm Tina and I live in the middle of Maine. I have yet to try digital scrapbooking. I discovered this site through a mention in one of my junk journaling groups. I've only been involved in junk journaling for a few months but I really enjoy it. My sister does paper scrapbooking and her things are beautiful. I'm working on a hybrid junk journal/scrapbook/memory book.

Welcome everyone!

@Alexandria: 2 dogs and 4 cats seems like a lot!

@Tina: I love junk journaling! I'd love to see your notebooks.

This site is like a breath of fresh air!

Hi, I'm Erin. Fortysomething Euro-Caribbean gal currently stuck on a tiny island thanks to covid. Budding artist (sketch and watercolor since 2015), stay-at-home mom to several cats and dogs, chronic dreamer, traveler, amateur golfer, music and book lover, language nerd...

New to digital scrapbooking though I did something similar from 2010-2015 when I created all my WordPress entries in PhotoShop; I still get a thrill revisiting them, and after trying junk journaling last year I realized how much I missed doing it digitally. Found this site while searching for transparent scrapbook images and felt compelled to join. I'm not really used to communities so I'll probably just stay in the background for a while, but I really appreciate what you've done here, Marisa, and I wanted to let you know. Thank you!

Hi crafty friends! I just joined after learning about the site in a junk journaling group on Facebook. I’m excited and blown away by all of the amazing free content on the site and am so thankful to everyone who has contributed and made that possible!

A little about me. I currently live in Ohio and work in the medical field, but secretly (not really so secret, actually) dream of quitting my job to travel and pursue more creative endeavors! I have always loved art, took every art class my high school offered, branched into quilting and scrapbooking in college, added home decorating in graduate school, and recently started into junk journaling. I love paper and making my own books and mini albums for photos of my many yearly vacations (prior to 2020 and covid-19, that is!). I’m not a digital scrapper so I can’t contribute there, but I am excited to use the images available here for my paper crafting!

Hi everybody!
Great to be here! I love seeing everyone's wonderful creations! Thanks

Welcome everyone!

@Kristine: Hybrid scrappers are welcome! Can't wait to see your junk journals.

Hello, my name is Maria and I live in Germany. I’m married.

I found Pixelscrapper about 10 months ago, and have been by quite often!
I am just learning to scrapbook, although I have been around the websites for a while. I have only scrapped a few pages.
It's nice to see so many people from all over the world!

Thank you very much to all the designers for the beautiful designs and contributions. smiley
Thank you Marisa for making this such a great site and sharing. smiley smiley smiley

I'm happy to be here to learn and be inspired by other scrapbookers.

Hallo Maria!
Herzlich willkommen und viel Spaß hier.
Liebe Grüße aus Niedersachsen

Vielen Dank Gonda für die nette Begrüßung.
Bewundere all die schönen Designs von diversen Designer hier in der Community.
Deine Designs sind einfach nur Spitze! Mach weiter so!



Thank you Gonda for the nice welcome.
Admire all the beautiful designs by various designers here in the community.
Your designs are just great! Keep it up!

Best regards

Welcome Maria! So glad to have you here.

Thx Marisa for the nice welcome. I'm glad to be here. smiley

Hello, I'm just starting scrapbooking and am looking forward to getting to know others. I'm single with two cats and love to read.

My name is Eileen and I live in Washington state. I love paper crafting and am fairly new to digital scrapbooking. I love the versatility of digital paper crafting. I also do crochet and cross stitch as well as drawing and digital art.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

Hello! I'm Becky. smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hi.

Welcome, everybody! So great to see so many new faces smiley