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Designer Challenge Qs & Feedbacks

I like designing and designing challenges what ever the challenge may be as a getting in the habit of making my own stuff or branching towards a habit of making things derivative created by myself and it really didn't dawn on me much that others may want what others have made as a share or a freebie.

So questions are:

Which do you prefer when doing a designing challenge:

  • Making things for your own individual use (which is what I do predominately do, due to free images or free font/dingbat that most allow derivative, only for personal use, then I store it on my EHD til I want to use it) or do you prefer making it and giving it away as a freebie?
  • Do you design in mind for others or for yourself?
  • Which do most like best pu, s40, s4h, cu, or cu4cu?

Just wanted to hear the feedback so if others wanted it as a "share or freebie" I'll keep in mind what things to use and make to accommodate those who may want (speaking for myself only) a share or freebie.

A good example: my mini Christmas kit the fonts used & some pattern are pu only but there are very similar cu fonts and patterns that I have that can easily replace or be switched out to accommodate those who may want to use it. Although I have no clue at this moment what others would suggest? Feedback is welcomed, I can do both I just am not sure who would find it useful.

Fran, I often wondered all these things myself. You know, what others would like. I myself just design for others. I, as crazy as this is gonna sound, don't do layouts. I prefer my photos in an online family album, so all my family have access to it anytime, plus, I don't know how to do a layout, mine look HORRIBLE anyway,lol. However, I LOVE to design. All the textures, all the beautiful colors. It is a wonderful creative outlet for me, like knitting, or sewing. In the beginning, I thought I would try to sell in a store, but as time went on, I just didn't feel it was best for me, I wanted to just bless others instead, the way that others blessed me with their generous freebies, so I try to consider what others may want in my designing. I scour the internet for layouts done by creative teams, and look at what they use most in their layouts, what flows best, and that is what I strive to make. So, I am kinda weird, I guess, but I just can't put out that little fire in me that says, go design something, nomatter how hard I try, then I feel so blessed if anyone actually likes it and can use it. I decided to make my stuff cu, to give people more flexability, and am thinking about just going cu4cu on everything that I can. It just takes longer to finish challenges because now I try to make everything on my own, or use something from Pixel Scrapper and a very few other sources, with all this copyright stuff going on, I just think it would be better that way. So I love cu4cu freebies that I could use in making my designs.....Its just so hard to find them. Anyway, I just went on for WAY to long, sorry, lol, but that is my story.....I wonder how others design, and how they feel?

I wish I could smiley Sheila's post. I agree with SOOOOOO much of it! LOL.

I, too, have that inner fire that drives me to design stuff, and it won't be stifled or put out - I actually have tried. Digital scrapbooking has very quickly (seriously, in less than two months) become the perfect outlet for my little fire.

The difference, is that I design for me. When I was a kid, I had someone who was emotionally abusive to me and one of the (many) things they liked to do was take advantage of my creativity and art by having me make things that they took credit for; I ended up making art at my own expense. I have gotten over the issue of someone else using my art for their own benefit - I say "so what, good for them, take it with my blessing" to most of that. But now the residual effect of the abuse is that I balk at the idea of making much of anything FOR anyone else. When I am commissioned to make art (whatever kind of art) for someone, anyone, the creative process suddenly becomes a prison. So, though I give everything I make away for free, I do it for my own creativity. Sometimes, I push myself to do commissions so that I can get out of my comfort zone a little, but otherwise I just design stuff and post it and to hell if no one else likes it. And if someone else DOES like what I do, well then I know that God had a design for it that was bigger than me.

I try to make everything I give away CU4CU, because I agree that it is more flexible. And because I have already been provided generous and gracious people like Marisa and Sheila who make FANTASTIC stuff that's CU4CU for free - I want to return some generosity to this world, pay it forward. Also, making more things from scratch forces me to learn more things and become more and more proficient with Photoshop and my scanner. (Seriously, these last two months of playing with digital scrapbooking has catapulted my skills by leaps and bounds!)

When it comes to pretty much anything regarding digital scrapbooking, if I am going to make it, I am going to want to give it away. Because I like to share. I don't like sharing if someone's gonna MAKE me share, but otherwise I like to share. lol. It's convoluted, but I make it work. smiley

I never thought I would start designing when I stumbled upon digiscrapping two years ago. But meeting Marisa and all the other wonderful and helpfull people here on Pixelscrapper, made me think I could maybe do this designing thing. I joined the second blogtrain here and had a blast! I don't really design for myself, although I do use my designs in my own layouts. I try to make everything CU and I would be OK with CU4CU too. I design what I like, not what others may or may not like. Ever since I started designing my own freebies ( I only make freebies, no intention to ever sell any of my designs) I have noticed that my own downloading had changed from PU items to more and more CU items and preferably CU4CU...

Great, feedback or experiences shared in each of yours process.

It has only been going on the second attempt in sharing or freebie giveaways but I definitely design in mind for myself (then store it on my ehd) and only because what I like I can't find made nor are some of my style/ideas even out there market wise in scrap-booking nor implemented on that level scrapbook wise, so I do it myself.

Have no intentions of selling (the thought does not cross my mind) but I have wondered if others would like or want other peoples designed stuff, I guess trial and error is the best method way to figuring it out.

I have always been stuck on the pu's more than any other form of licensing but eventually I want to get to giving away cu4cu use, for flexibility, but I also think in long terms more so than, in the now. I'll admit it's the only area where I get stuck, just the thought of it is straining.

I am in such agreement with what all of you have said. I started digi scrapping so that I could make beautiful layouts/photobooks/dvd slideshows (of the photobooks-because it is much less dusty) from my tens of thousands of photos. In getting into it there are some kits that just don't have EVERYTHING that I want to put on a layout (stitches, specific ribbon, frames etec) ant that took me to designing. I too have no intensions of ever selling my designs as I already have retired from my occupation of choice and now I just want to have fun.

From all of this it has lead me to creating for blog trains and sharing my creations. I used to do ceramics and sold my "wares" in Christmas home boutiques. I spent a lot more than I ever earned because I wanted to give quality products that people who not necessarily be able to afford otherwise. I never have garage sales because I would rather just give things away! Thus, I want to just be able to give my designs away. I do have to be careful with CU products as some designers do not allow freebies. Once I feel caught up with all my challenges and blog trains I want to start working on full and complete kits to give away on my blog. I will continue to offer my kits as PU as I feel it is safer to stay within the copyright provisions of the CU designers.

I do have to say that during my design mentoring class I did quite a few of my own CU designs and would like to do more but it is pretty intense to develop a high quality CU item. I have to be in the mood to do it and that does not come very often. I don't really see offering CU4CU as after working for 37 1/2 years I know how it is for someone to take credit for something they did not actually is just a phobia that I have.

I still buy a whole lot that is PU but I too find that I am downloading a lot more CU products than I ever thought that I would. Let's just say, I love Sugarhillco!