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I thought I had allready introduced myself, but I keep getting the message that I need to introduce myself.
So here again:
I am Saskia, from the Netherlands, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 awesome job and too many awesome hobbies of which one is digiscrapping.

Nice being here!

Welcome Saskia! You did say hi in a separate thread. I'll see if we can get this updated.

My name is Lynn, I am 59 years old. I started paper scrapbooking when I was very young and now I am starting to digital scrapbook to make videos for my family members... Most of them would rather watch the pictures on TV or Computer than hanging the multitude of generations on the walls. (I have pictures of my 4th Great Grandparents and everything in between) I am also the family historian so everyone comes to me when they want to know their heritage. I enjoy photography and cant wait to get back to traveling the world and see amazing cultures. I have been married for 38 years in March 2021.

Thank you for accepting me into this amazing group.

This is one of my Graphic Designs from my own Photography

Welcome, Linda! Thanks for sharing about yourself and your graphic design. Looks great! smiley

Hello, Michelle here!

I started scrapbooking along time ago but stopped when the kids grew up. Now I'm back to learn digital scrapbooking and found your site. Thanks so much for this awesome site! Very inspired again.

Hi, I'm Liz. I'm a currently not working teacher. I mostly download paper because I used it in many ways in my classroom. I would make my own letters for bulletin boards, use it for signs, labels and even book marks. I love the variety you have on this site.

Welcome, Michelle and Liz! Thanks so much for introducing yourselves. smiley

@Michelle - so glad you're finding inspiration! That's one of our biggest hopes with the site.

@Liz - love that you're a teacher! We have a lot of teachers in the extended family and have a huge value for education. Thanks for all that you do!

Hi! My name is Beckey.

I live in Stratford Upon Avon, England (UK), and I have been an avid crafter since the age of 6. (I am now 38). I have done various crafts during my lifetime but my favourites have always been card making and cake decorating. My heath deteriorated significantly a few years ago and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue (to join my other existing health problems). This meant I had to give up work, first in my job as a youth worker, then I had to give up my second career of cake decorating.

Since being unable to work, I have busyed myself with many things involving my creativity, and helping people out. I have found myself doing a lot of computer based design work (as it is minimal physical effort with maximum creative output!). I have designed leaflets, posters, flyers and logos and even designed and maintain two websites (although none of it paid work!).
I have loved taking photos since I was 3, and take FAR too many! But I love it! So, when I discovered digital scrapbooking a couple of months ago, it was like a whole new world of creative opportunity opened up to me! I am currently designing 12x12 pages of photos from this year as scrapbook pages, and planning to get them printed as a photobook.
(Question... if we upload our completed pages on this site, do they have to be using elements and pages from this site?)

Lovely to meet you all, and thanks for letting me join in!
Beckey x

Welcome Beckey! So glad to have you here! Our gallery is open which means you can post layouts using graphics from anywhere.

Hello smiley
I am Myriam, born in the sixties, French (living in Occitanie, the South-West of France) and often at home because of bad health. My part time job : secretary in a big company. Sorry for the masked avatar, I am a secretive woman on Internet. And my English is not very very fluent but I do my best.

Digital Scrapbooking is my passion since 2006. I digiscraped my full life in many albums. My other dear hobby : writing sci-fi/romance/adventures stories.

I hope to share with you the backgrounds and elements I love to create, also some of my layouts about the characters of my books and my travels. I hope they will please you.
Thank you smiley

PS : sorry, I am not sure about introduction. After writing there, I saw another place to do it. So I suppose I must introduce myself in a new thread too ? Or is it OK like that ?

Deleted (I am coming back smiley)

Hi Elatell! You can introduce yourself here, or in a separate thread. You are doing great. I also sent you an email about getting access to the gallery. Welcome!

Hello, everyone!

I go by various and many names to avoid a couple stalkers I've had over the years but I'm pretty happy with the name Raven. I've been doing papercrafting for about two years now; I got started by accident while trying to figure out how to make a micro watercolor notebook. I stumbled across a tutorial for how to make a junk journal and that pretty much kicked off a huge obsession. I do a lot of post-apocalyptic type events (camping, conventions, etc) and junk journals fit right into that 'I scavenged this stuff in the ruins of some building and made art out of it' aesthetic.

I started looking into making my own printable pages a while back but hit a roadblock until I found this site and now I have a ton MORE ideas to play with. I haven't finished a kit or anything yet, because I'm still working on techniques and such, but I'm learning. I use Krita for image editing, which is a free open-source digital art program.

Ok, thank you! I am just starting out but have been creating some scrapbook pages of our family holiday to London this summer. As I am fairly new on here I haven't used many PS downloads in my creations yet, but I have used your clear brad template a few times to make various brads of my own. I will upload some pages when I work out how! smiley

Welcome Raven! So glad to have another junk journaler around.