LAYOUT CHALLENGE - Weekly - Christmas in July

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LAYOUT CHALLENGE - Weekly - Christmas in July

Continuing our Christmas in July celebration, let's go back in the archive and find some holiday photos. Feel free to branch out into winter themes if Christmas isn't inspiring to you. See here for details on Christmas supplies here at Pixel Scrapper.

Important Details

Due Date: July 25, 2013, 9am (USA Pacific time)

Tag: challenge christmas july 2013
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

This is going to be fun! Especially because there is currently a box of pictures from my childhood traveling from my mom in Wisconsin to me in California. smiley

Turns out I couldn't wait for the pictures to come in the mail... so I made this!

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome!

I was actually thinking Marisa, wouldn't it be a fun layout challenge to design our own Christmas photo cards? I'm probably going to need to start now to finish in time anyway! Maybe something to consider for a later challenge.

I finished my Christmas layout quite early this time. Here it is:

Looking good! I love Christmas!

Here's the link.

I´ll try to finish the layout of the christmas tree we decorated on my friend´s pet shop last year... I started it for birds in snow blog train challenge and never finished o.O

YAY! Christmas in July! - I love all the layouts so far.

I love how you made layered the circles

My house in Oriel - hehe you can find it in the gallery here.

Thanks Judy!

Wonderful layouts everyone! I've given you all 10 community points. And congrats to our random winner Judy S.

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