Does anyone know anything about Serif Software?

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Does anyone know anything about Serif Software?

Im looking to experiment with new software and heard about serif software and their freebies available. I was wondering about the software. Is it merely a trial you download and later on you update it? Is it worth downloading the free software? Is there a decent about of features offered in the software?

Thanks everyone. smiley

I have DrawPlus Starter Edition (Serif) and it was free to download and is a fully licensed copy (not a trial version). I haven't played around with it very much - mostly looking for software for my niece to use (free) since I already have PSCS5. It looks like it would be a nice piece of software to get started with. It has some nice features (I really like the way their drop shadow works) and they have some pretty cool pre-installed brushes, shapes, and "layer styles". Actually, I think I just might play around with it more now that I'm talking about it. smiley And from the what I can remember, the full version is only about $50, so I think that's pretty reasonable for it.

Thanks Cat. I went to their site and there is quite an array of software. But it sounds pretty good!

Like any new software there is a learning curve. I started out with a trial more than 10 years ago from Serif. They do nave an array of tutorial on their web site, which are a great help. I still use Serif and like it. They do offer specials when they come out with upgrades offering at a very low price to current users.

Thanks Judy for your help.

OK, so yes, Serif is fully functional BUT what you'll have are grayed-out "premium" features within it that they'll use to try and lure you to purchase it. I HATE this kind of software! But that's just me. I'd rather you just not include it in the software.

Play around with it. You may like it and can work around those premium features, but when I was playing with it, I found I had to quit because they were features that I needed or wanted to use.

If I were trying to stay free, I'd lean more towards GIMP. Truly free, has tons of plug-ins/extensions, can use PS brushes and has a good following/support group of users to help!

Some alternatives...
Pixlr Editor (free online)
Pixlr-O-Matic (free online Instagram-filter type program)


Thanks ladies for all your help! I'm looking for alternatives while I get my laptop fixed. I had a program which I loved on there (Photo Explosion) which makes me miss my burned out laptop even more. LOL! I've used Pixlr Express on my phone which is pretty cool. smiley