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Here's a little sneak peak of my part:

Love those colors. That green is my favorite. I used to have a kitchen that color. Yummy!


That blue and orange paper is making me giddy! Te he he. Sorry. I get excited about patterns.

Thanks, Marisa!

Very nice. I'm excited about this blog hop and really looking forward to it. I REALLY love this palette, Marisa. I've enjoyed working with it. There's something about the blue/greens (soothing,) alongside the yellow/orange (energetic) that is indicative of this time of year...

Hello Everyone.. This is my first time participating in this blog train,
and here is my part... smiley

@Mollie....OMGoodness. What happened? Is there anything we can do to help?

Those are some awesome kits ladies,this is my first ever blog train and i am excited about it.My kit is almost done,can't wait to show you ladies.

I kept mine small this time...July has been busy!

I am loving what I'm seeing here. I actually haven't even had a chance to work on mine yet. I have so many ideas, but I think I'll have to keep it small and simple this time around...

Here's my preview.

@Samantha: wow, this may be your first time joining us, but it can't be your first time designing right?! Your part looks great! Word of advice though; add your Terms of use on your preview (PU-personal use, CU-commercial use, and everything in between) so visitors can see what your terms are in one glance. Have fun!

I finished my part (and my preview) so I have the full preview to share with you now, for those of you who were curious after seeing the sneak peak smiley. I have it set to go on my blog for July 31st at midnight.

omg Melouise! it's so dang cute! and the girls are just adorable!! I'm SO excited for this kit smiley

Melouise, I just want to reach through my monitor and SQUEEZE everything! Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic job you've done!!! Hurry up Blog Train!!!! (and thank you for your generosity of time and talent--I can guess how much time you put into this--LOTS and LOTS! smiley

Everything looks wonderful! So many lovely things. How talented and generous you all are!

Melouise everything in your kit is so CUTE! and unique. Can hardly wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for sharing so generously.

Here is the preview of my part.

I am SOOO excited to see everyone's work together! AMAZING job ladies!!

@Melouise: it is my first time joining but not my first time designing, i'm glad you liked my portion, i had lots of fun working with the colors, just beautiful, thank you so much for the advice Melouise, i will keep them in mind!!
have a wonderful day.. oh and by the way.. you girls are amazing, so many talented ladies..

-Samantha smiley

Love the colors!

seriously?!?! A-MAAAAZ-ING!!!! smiley smiley

Here is a sneak peak of mine.

My preview:


This is my kit for the blog train,i am sooooo excited as this is my first blog train ever,not all elements are shown.I will link it to my blog when the time comes to do so.

What do you all think?

I am in love with your crabs paper Mesija! It´s super cute! Also love all the ellies!

@Cat: I´m with you: Some ideas, NOTHING designed. Will I join in this time? Who knows...

@Lorien.......Thank you sweetie!!

Just posted the sign up thread. Remember, your part doesn't have to be live on your blog until Aug 1.

Everyone has done such a wonderful job-I can hardly wait!

I am getting so excited for all the textured papers!! Guess I need to head to the beach again soon so I have pictures to scrap!!