FREEBIES PU/S4H: ViVa Artistry

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FREEBIES PU/S4H: ViVa Artistry

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Feb 27, 2013--new FB freebie:

tutorial on our site:

ETA: from ViVie (11/14/12)

Got another freebie for ya!

you can find it in the first two posts titled New Field Journal or Scrap and Chat Winners and Freebie.


from Vivie (11/09/12)

We have a freebie on facebook from DSD and I thought you might want it:

click on EXCLUSIVE and you will have to LIKE us.

Also, we have a freebie kit on our website that will be disabled SOON (probably this weekend or next week) so grab it before it goes:

It's under the Celebrating Memories post...


ViVie: Thanks so much for sharing with us... I wish I would've learned about your website before and got those lovely painted photo masks freebie you gave away before. Y'alls work is absolutely beautiful! Thanks Again for your generosity!!!

ViVie: Thanks for the freebies, I too came across your work a month ago and love ur stuff.

thank you for the freebies!! they are beautiful!!

Thank you!

Beautiful Work!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! smiley

Thank you for the freebie. Love your designs

Wow! This Mardi Gras kit is divine! = ) I am a Louisiana girl, and this is a beautiful and classy take on Mardi Gras! I am officially a fan! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!


Thanks for the freebie, they are super nice!

Cute and pretty designs, do you have any for commercial use?

I really enjoy your site.

Thanks for sharing smiley