PSP: How many users here??

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PSP: How many users here??

This forum seems so quiet. I was wondering how many psp users there are here.

I've been using PSP since ver. 7, I adore ver 9. I tried x3 and didn't like it.

I had to purchase x5 for my laptop since ver 9 wouldn't install properly on windows 8. I'm loving it almost as much.

Anyone else care to share their history?

PSP 4 was the first one I ever bought and then had all versions up through 11. I beta-tested Version 7 and got it for free at the completion of the testing process. I thought that was really cool. PSP 11 did not run well at all on my old computer, a real memory hog. When I was finally able to upgrade my computer, I bought the most current version that I have which is 14, but I can't get used to the text tool. I think I'm missing something there and keep looking for tutorials on using it, but to no avail. So, I revert back to my all time favorite, which is PSP X.

I use XI at home and X5 at work. I started with PSP 5, skipped several versions. I'm hating the idea of upgrading at home, I don't know if all my plugins, etc., will work in X5. I agree about the text tool being a pain in X5, I think that's why I don't like it as much as I want to.

I've been using PSP since around 2006 and still learn new things all the time. I think I started with PSPX which was a gift along with a drawing tablet which I have to admit, never really used smiley and now I can't find the pen that went with it. I now have PSPXI which I ordered when I bought my desktop several years ago. I can't bring myself to upgrade right now....I haven't really found anything special about the newer versions that would make it a "must" to upgrade. I like PSPXI so for now I'm sticking with that smiley

Emerald, what problem are you having with the text tool??

Penny, I haven't run into any plugin that won't work in x5 yet. Are there any in particular you're worried about??

OMG, Susan, I can't believe what I did lol. I needed to be able to change font on different lines of text without having to open new vector layers. In the old version, you just highlight the text in your text window and scroll through the different fonts. Up until right now, I could not highlight the different words or lines of text in PSP 14 and it drove me crazy!! This post made me go back and play with the tool again because it just didn't make sense that I couldn't do that. I feel so stupid now lol All I had to do was highlight the word or line from left to right instead of right to left. It doesn't work doing it from right to left, which I don't like, btw, but that is a very minor issue now. lol

That's fantastic that you figured it out!!!

I started out with PSP XI & this past December my hubby upgraded me to X4 without talking to me first... X4 is SOooo different than XI - I'm still having problems finding options/things that I used to see on my screen before. I think someone said the software co. changed it to look a lot more like PS, but I don't know for sure...

Hahaha I started with PSP 5 and before that Paint Shop. I have version X but prefer 9 so that is where I stay. I have not liked PSP as much since JASC sold out to Corel. So guess I must be getting old, just don't like changes and from what I have seen there isn't anything new to make me want to learn a new version. I do love vectors so PSP is my program of choice.

Sharron, I would still be using PSP 9 if it ran on windows 8.

I do have it installed on my windows 7 desktop, but since that's still in repair, I had to upgrade to x5.

hi ladies i wondered if anyone else used psp 9 here that is what i use i love it only prob i have is some plugins not working im running windows 7 been using psp for 5 years a newbie lol i create and i tag i wish we had more resources here for psp i would love to have more psp shapes and my fav is scripts lol always looking for more of them lol u ladies have a great day. smiley

When I first started out I used PSP 8 because it was so much more affordable than Photoshop. After a while I upgraded to PSP X2, which I still use for certain tasks. At this point though I've mostly switched over to using Photoshop Elements.

I have been having a lot of problems with PSP X2 lately. When I orginally got it I downloaded it as a trial version. I liked it and decided to buy it. The program worked great for a few years. However recently it has been caught in this loop where the program reverts to trial status and terminates. It doesn't give me an option to enter the product key so I have to keep reinstalling it. It's very annoying. Corel is no help since they no longer support this old version. Has this happened to anyone else?

@ Sidney

I know I had a similar problem when I was using PSP X1. I had to reinstall and it would not take my serial number. I called Corel and had no problem receiving a new key number. Seems like such an easy task for them that I'm surprised they won't just issue you a new product key.

Joyce, which plugins are you having problems with??

Sidney, did you purchase the disk or the digital download?

@ Emerald

I would be happy to call Corel but I can't find a phone number for US support anywhere on their website. They used to have one posted as I recall. Anyhow, I tried sending an online request for support and there were no options for my version. They say on the website that it is no longer supported.

@ Susan
It was the digital download.

BTW thanks to both of you for your replies. smiley

hi ms susan i will check them out again and let u know which ones thank u for asking will get back to u beem so busy.joyce smiley


There is a US phone number you use when ordering PSP by phone. There is an option for tech support. 1-877-582-6735. Hopefully you will be able to reach someone that can help you. smiley

@ Emerald

Thank you so much for their phone number! I'll call and see if they can help me sort this problem out. smiley

I started out digital scrapbooking with PSP7 and went through the versions and stayed at PSPX. I like it and did all my designing on PSP up until this year and forced myself to start using the PSCS5 I have. I could do just about anything that Photoshop could do in my PSP and still revert back to it because the text tool is much nicer than the one in PSCS5. I can't remember which version it was, but I use to love making animated gifs with it. I'm sad that both PSP and PS took away that feature on their programs.

PSP was associated with animation shop. You can still download it.

I'll admit I was blinkie junkie for a long time there.

@Joyce Here is a link to a page that has fixes for different versions of PSP on different versions of Windows
I have used the ones for XP but that is all. Hopefully this will help you out.

@Joyce This site has a bunch of PSP shapes
She also has some great tutorials unfortunately she has stopped writing new ones.

hi thanks ladies oh it is a lot of them 86 lol it might be i have to put them each one in a folder etc gonna try this etc thank u for the links if i cant get them going will holler help lol and i have the 10 dlls loaded already maybe i need some converted etc i just need to make time and do it.any more good ideas is welcome lol thanks again.joyce smiley

hi i got some more working but some says this memory access violation when i try to use them will keep trying to fix them smiley

@Joyce glad you got some working at least. I keep holding off on upgrading to a new version of windows for just that reason. If I hear of any solutions I will post them here.

hi thank u so much. smiley

PSP User since v7. I'm now on X4, but I kind of miss v8. It was my happy medium smiley Joyce, some of the filters for PSP won't run without a patched file. Which ones are you having trouble with?

I started using PSP X4 last year and recently bought X5. I think PSP is a powerful graphics program. Scripting and tubes are my favourite in PSP. I wish there were more PSP tutorials!!!

Same here, Nokuthula!

There's tons of tutorials out there. Anything in particular you're looking for??

I posted a tutorial request here for a button tutorial a couple of months ago and havent had any responses yet. I have been searching for a while for a tutorial to tie a ribbon or create a bow or a knot without any luck.