DESIGNER CHALLENGE: Xmas in July - Week 4 (Misc)

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DESIGNER CHALLENGE: Xmas in July - Week 4 (Misc)

Sometimes it's hard to keep on your toes and be prepared for all the holidays as they come around. So we're going to get a head start and work on Christmas! If Christmas isn't inspiring to you, feel free to branch out into another winter theme. I've set a different category for each week in July to help you keep on track and feel free to share whatever you've made and questions and thoughts here in the thread.

July Week 1 - Planning, palette selection
July Week 2 - Papers
July Week 3 - Elements
July Week 4 - Alphas, clusters, quick pages, etc

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Here is my finished kit preview. I will zip it up and post the links later this week. Hope you all enjoy it!


I Love it Chickie - I can see a Christmas card afternoon coming on!!

That is adorable!

@Chickie That kit is sooooooo awesome,i wish you made it a couple of weeks ago,hehehehehe,in one of my groups we had a Christmas in July party.I lost 160 GB on my extoranal hard drive and all my scrap kits i've collected throughout the yrs,so i had to go on Christmas kit search's.

@Chickie, that is gorgeous I am sooooo behind on mine but still plogginh along

I LOVE it Chickie!! The elves are my favorite!

Very cute, Chickie! You always create such appealing designs.

Thanks ladies! You are awesome!

Got a partial to show. My palette and papers. My Theme is Christmas in July in New Mexico so you see why the SW/NA influence
Except for the brick and burlap backgrounds everything was made by me from scratch.

And my first element

That kit is incredible, Chickie! Well done!

Very pretty, Sharron! I love that color palette. smiley

Thank you Vanessa the colors of the South West especially around the mountains at sunset.

Sharron - I love the colours and patterns of your kit. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

the gods-eye is really cool. I'm very behind as I've just started up a job and am now working most days. It's quite demanding so I'm unsure I'll get time for this for the next few weeks. I'll try to touch base when I can. I'm really enjoying the christmas in july theme though.

@Dawn I am having fun with it and spending way too much time playing. Hubby and I are into Native American and out house shown that. So I do the things I know and love.

Sharron, beautiful work. The God's Eye is incredible and must have taken hours to create. Can hardly wait to see the rest. I hope you're going to share because it would be perfect for a southwest road trip we're taking soon.

Where did just the whole July go? I did not manage to do a lot of stuff for this designer challenge but at least I "designed" something. Playing with the selected colours made a lot of fun. I am not sure if I will be able to do some alphas or clusters...never did that before and will not have so much time this last week. But we will see smiley. I used CU resources from Pixelscrapper, KimBDesigns, HG Designs, DigiTeeDesigns and some old pics from TheGraphicsFairy.

Here are some of my papers and elements:

This is the preview of the whole kit so far:

The kit will be available on my blog as soon as I think it might be "done" smiley. If you have any suggestions or feedback I would love to hear it so that I can learn some more within the designing thing.

@Harriet, I am glad you liked it yep it took many days, however now I have it in vector format so can change when I need to. I will be happy to share once I complete things.

@Tsa this is simple elegant love the soft colors

Sharron, I love the SW/NA colors and theme and you have done an awesome job... the Gods Eye is fantastic! I also have NA art pieces sprinkled here and there through out my home. With a couple of wonderful pieces from the Pacific North West too. A couple of my favorite artists are JD Challenger and Bev Doolittle. Can't wait to see everything!

Isa, the green is so soothing and beautiful. Love the angels and the star cut out paper rocks!

Isa, love your colors and your papers and elements look great!

@Chickie, I am sure having fun with them.

More stuff!

@Jess I am glad you like it. Enjoy the new jb and come play when you can.

Andene what a lovely kit

Here's my finished kit, Sparkle Season.
I am loving these challenges!

Here is the download, which includes more than what's in the preview.

Isa - that is stunning!! I adore the girl with the moon and the cut out star paper - what a lovely shade.

Andene - it looks lovely - I love Christmas rings.

Judy - what pretty colours! I love your frame!

I love this - I am new to the website / community - I want to be able to create things like this.

Judy what a lovely kit and I love the title. The menorah is great

I am loving the Elves! My Christmas favorite (besides gingerbread men!)


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