What is your favorite color?

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purple, mauve, lavender

Green for me

"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" Sorry! I just had to. Classic!

My favourite colour is the colour of the sunset- I like to call it peach.

Pink! All shades


Blue, though I love a lot of vibrant colors (especially in great combinations like sunsets and the like).

Purple for sure, all shades 😉

Purple and Pink

Green! Shades of olive, sage, or avocado. Not bright Crayola green.

Blue is my favorite color.

Blues & Greens


It used to be yellow as a child but now it is purple.

My favourite colour is sky blue, but I really like all shades of blue.

Teal. I also love most shades of blue and yellow. And pink.

I claim to love all colours equally but still find myself drawn to all shades of blue, or anything between blue and red on the spectrum.

Dusty Rose is my favorite color.

Purple is my first love, but I also have a soft spot for teal.

I love purple

Blue, especially the blue that some call "robin's egg blue", the blue that is the shade of Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

It is difficult to decide on a specific color. In general I prefer warm tones or pastels ... although inside I love ORANGE

This delicate shading between vivid blue and vivid purple 💙💜

When I was young I always said red was my favorite, but now I look at color differently, I love them all but there are certain color combinations that are very visually pleasing to me. like purple and blue, or purple and aqua, Burgundy and blush etc.

Green. I also love all fall colors

Pink, Blue and purple