What your favorite confectionery?

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Strawberry pillow! Mmmmmmm

Mine is Jelly Snakes by The Natural food company, Australia NZ, they are so yummy no preservatives or unnatural flavours, and as I am a diabetic I am very naughty.

Lots, I've always had a sweet tooth. However, I'm now a Type 2 diet only diabetic who no longer eats sweets with sugar, I'd have to say in the past it was Indian sweets, like gulab jaman and especially Bengali sweets like cham cham.

Apart from them, the other sweets I miss are pecan pie, butter tarts (with raisins and nontraditional coconut), Nanaimo bars, bakalva (I preferred Turkish to the Greek as it is uses pistachios rather than walnuts), homemade fudge, eton mess and other British fruit based desserts, lemon pudding cake, churros and dulce de leche, pavlova & meringues, coffee based desserts and any dessert which combined chocolate and caramel. In sweets like other foods, I have quite diverse multicultural tastes. smiley

I'm happy that I can still eat 90% or 95% cocoa chocolate without elevating my blood sugar. Also there are lots of keto/low carb mousse recipes. I've bought some decent no sugar chocolates for Christmas. (My system can't tolerate anything with malitol in it but it manages erythritol quite nicely.) I have to watch the amount of artificial sweetener I eat because I use it too often, my sugar cravings return.

Chocolate truffles! There used to be a chocolate shop nearby a couple of blocks away but closed shop when the pandemic hit. The BEST truffles ever. She would make up new flavors whenever it hit her. For birthdays, I'd walk in there for a box of 12 and pick a different one of each flavor. I think that Gianduja was one of my favorites and any that had nuts, marzipan, or orange or raspberry. YUM!

I am addicted to chocolate (I eat a little every day smiley uhmmmm !!!) and if I have to choose a cake my choice would be the traditional egg custard ... I am crazy ^ _ ^ !!!

Ooo it's got to be a salted caramel truffallow for me. Discovered them a couple of years ago and now I buy them as often as I can, I always buy extra for myself as it seems everyone else in the family enjoys them too and I don't like sharing smiley My favourite mass produced candy bar has to be a Cadbury's Star Bar.

I love sweets - period! I restrain myself from making Pralines to only at Christmas time because I could eat myself into a sugar coma. Love chocolate and caramel, and pecan pies are a real southern favorite here! Love Mississippi Mud pie, too! Waaaaaayyyyyy too much......

There is nothing I want to shop for in the local Bass Pro shop, but if I go there with hubby when he's looking for something, I go straight to the fudge shop inside and he knows he will find me there when he's finished. : )

caramel but I dont have it often if ever... got to go without sugar!! smiley