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Mine was taken in my office last year 2019, I was just answering some emails beofre going out shopping.

Profile pic is taken in a little outdoor cafe in Kehai, Maui. It was a work trip, but had a blast exploring between things.

Mine was taken at the local aquarium, which also has a splash pad. They opened it up for limited occupancy this summer, so I took my toddler on a weekday. She was one of two kids there! I sat as far away from the other mom as I could and enjoyed sitting outside without a mask for a little while.

I'm growing out my mohawk and wanted to get a picture of it while it was platinum blonde. smiley

Mine is from my before and after weight loss/normal blood glucose picture. It was taken in the hall of my home, the before picture is from a BBQ for families at my mom's long term care home. Here's where it came from:

Mine is in my backyard, while I was sitting under an umbrella with a blue sky lining. My kids and husband were in our little inflatable pool and there wasn't enough room for me, so I was trying to hang out and avoid getting sunburned.

ohhh fun topic - unfortunately mine is a boring answer. I was in my bedroom. lol

Just updated mine, which is in front of a mural I recently found.

Hello! Mine is in my living room, it's a photo of me about 9 years ago, on my way out the door to my 25 class reunion.


Amazing! way to go, you look fabulous and I bet you feel that way too. I had a friend that used to say "Nothing feels as good as skinny tastes"
It's about time for me to hit this band wagon, ever since menopause I have the ever expanding middle.

I am in San Sebastian (also called Donostia), Spanish Pays Basque, a region I love very much smiley My dear sister and I love to spend some days here time by time.

A fancy brunch outing (there was even a Bloody Mary Bar) with one of my most tenured friends.

Wow Anne, that is really something. My daughter did Keto and now she's on that fasting type diet. She is down about 35 lbs. Not easy, so congrats and I'm sure you're feeling proud of yourself. I sure would! My avatar is me on my LR couch.

Mine was taken outside the Cheesecake Factory. I'm the one in the middle.

Taken on a bluff in Northern California at a tiny, distanced, graduation picnic back in May. My then-fiance now-wife is just out of frame to my left.

Cannon Beach, Oregon. My hubby and I were sitting in front of a fire and waiting for the sun to set.

At my daughter's house in Stockport, UK

we were on the foreshore in Mandurah our home town attending a wedding at the time smiley It's not a very good photos but then I rarely have one taken of me I tend to be behind the lens....

My front porch in East Tennessee

Mine is a photo of me in bike gear when I was riding my bike on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

In my back yard with pool in the background

Sat in front of the big window on the sofa at home... It was a case of "I haven't updated my pic in while... I better take one!" LOL

Mine is just me have a particularly good hair day at work smiley I was sitting outside eating lunch on a beautiful summer day.

its just a pic of lil' ole me sitting at my desk ...I thought two fingers held up still was a universal symbol of 'peace' but my granddaughter informed me that I was 'shooting deuces' smiley

I'm standing in the bathroom here at home, I was so very happy that my hair was growing. Back in February of 2019 I had a below the knee amputation on my left leg because of a vascular problem that was caused by my current renal failure. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks and had 7 surgeries on my leg while I was there... it was an ugly situation and I almost died from shock. After I left the hospital I spent 6 weeks in rehab and during the whole 3 months away from home I barely ate anything if at all and lost approx. 45 lbs. that took me down to 100... I was very malnourished and my hair was coming out more than I had ever seen in my adult life. A year after I came home the little sprouts of new growth that had been coming in because I was finally eating a few hundred calories each day had grown long enough to come down over my forehead... everyone thought it was a cute look for me and I've kept the bangs since. smiley