Has anyone been out yet?

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Has anyone been out yet?

So, I know a lot of states and other countries are opening back up this week and trying to begin to return to normal somewhat...

Have any of you been "OUT" yet? How does it make you feel?

I've personally been hesitant still to even let hubs order carry out. I do have autoimmune issues and asthma so I'm considered somewhat high risk although I'm 50, I've done a lot to boost my immune system with Vitamin D, C and Zinc.
My hubs has had to be in it as he's in IT in the medical industry so no way around it. He feels comfortable, but he's also had to do everything for us from picking up my meds to groceries, to even bringing home the real bacon. So many people around here have lost their jobs. I've been praying for our community. We have a couple counties that have been hit way worse than others. Our state is still technically on stay at home until 5/15 but more biz have been named as essential so allowed to open on a somewhat limited basis now.
They say people like me should stay at home until 6/1. For me unfortunately that means other than walking the neighborhood with the dog a little each day, I have left my house since March 9th. I had a flare up that week so I had stayed home due to pain. 90 day it will be. I'm kind of really looking forward to just getting out and getting in the car and even just driving maybe for days... LoL

Being a natural introvert has helped me to be ok I guess but, it's still lonely not even being able to see people and talk/chit chat and smile at others.
Hope ALL the extroverts are making it ok! My hubs is very extrovert and he does ZOOM with his family and friends in his free time. Of course, he still sees people & the world because of his work. I've done the soom with them once but I didn't really enjoy it as much as he did.
Hugs to you all!!!!

We went to the Gulf Shores Beach on Tuesday and it was amazing! We went were no one was near us but just walking to get there can be stressful. We avoid being near anyone. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while we were at our spot and we needed it mentally. Other than that my daughter and I went to Academy Sports for a needed last minute bathing suit for lifeguard training and did not have a good experience. The staff seemed like they didn't like us wearing masks. Most people I see out are not wearing masks but I told my daughter that what you cannot see are all the people at home who are not shopping and staying safe. Clearly the people out shopping are a little bit more comfortable. I would have not gone had we not needed the bathing suit for that night. Stressful times for sure. Wish you all the best!!

No, I've only been out to the grocery store and drug store wearing a mask (the majority of people here wear masks). We are still under stay at home orders here and most nonessential services are closed (Toronto, Canada) because my province (Ontario) still has a lot of cases. On Monday, we will have retail stores doing touchless curbside pickup only, you still won't be able to go inside. (I did get some hardware supplies this way because they have been classed as essential.)

I just finished sewing more masks for my husband and family. My husband is a security guard (essential) who takes public transit - bus/subway to work. He works night shift so he doesn't see many people. He's hoping to retire this summer after he turns 65 although getting his pensions (company and government) may be delayed because everything is slower now. Our adult daughter is working from home via computer.

I'm also somewhat higher risk (age 64, Type 2 diabetic although well controlled through diet only) so I'm going to continue to be quite cautious and I'm not in a rush to go out. I've not seen either of my elderly parents since late February, as our government put long term care homes and retirement homes on lockdown early. (I was sick then and by the time I was 1 week symptom free, they were in lockdown. I don't think I had covid19 but wasn't tested.) Unfortunately, they're still been quite a few deaths in nursing homes despite the lockdowns. I Skype with my mom, she's in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. She just had her 92nd birthday the other day, so we had a virtual visit. My soon to be 94 year old dad calls her every day (they are only separated physically because of her Alzheimer's, he couldn't manage her anymore. They will be married 67 years next month) I call them and friends often.

I'm in the same higher-risk categories as you, Shawna, with autoimmune issues and asthma, but living with my partner's parents who are hardcore conservatives that consider Fox News too far left for them...so they've been going out MORE than normal through this, and griping about every practice imposed by anyone to reduce transmission of Covid. To them, this is no worse than the flu, masks are ridiculous, keeping 6-foot distance is stupid, stores limiting the number of people inside and only allowing one person per family is overbearing; and I heard the biggest rant about Walmart having people taking temperatures before allowing people into stores, because "Walmart employees aren't healthcare workers" and they think it's a HIPAA violation, despite the temperature-taking being a CDC recommendation. They don't CARE that they're at high risk due to their own health issues (age plus 2 major health issues each), or that they're putting me at the same sort of risk factors as if I went out every day with them despite my desire to limit my contact with people (like I do every time it's flu season). They ridicule me if I want to wear a mask into a store to protect myself, because I need to pick up prescriptions and they won't go through the drive-through if the pharmacy doors are open.

To say I'm beyond frustrated with them is putting it mildly, and I've told my partner that we're moving out as soon as we can make it happen. I do NOT want to be here through round 2 of social distancing, because I expect there will be a second spike as people start going back to the bars and clubs and concerts and festivals, and I expect that his parents will be even more resistant to taking any sensible precautions during that surge. I'm struggling with wishing they'd catch Covid after we move, just in the hope that it would force them to realize that it's not a hoax or overexaggeration; I have to keep reminding myself that that's not nice and it's bad karma and that I need to be the better person so as not to damage my partner's relationship with them (though they're doing enough of that by themselves lately).

That said, I'm going to have to make a trip into town for a few things tomorrow; I need to fund a couple of things for my partner to enable us to get in a position where we CAN move out, mostly related to getting the truck he just bought insured and registered so that we have a vehicle here that he won't have to fight with his parents to take with us. So we're still laying the groundwork and it'll be a couple months, but transportation is a big thing to be able to check off in making that happen.

I took 4 of my kids (and kidnapped my hubby from work) on a road trip to a pie restaurant and a Deer Farm about an hour's drive from me on Monday. We had so much fun. That was the first time that these 4 were out of the house for 9 weeks.

We took the plunge and flew back to Oregon, from Mexico. We moved our trip up for a variety of reasons, but we were going to have to leave at some point because our visas were expiring. So far we all seem to be doing fine, but we're laying low in case we brought any germs with us. It's an interesting time to fly, but our flights were busier than I was expecting. Also, it was a lot harder to find food as we went as a lot of restaurants were closed and they didn't serve anything on the flight.

in New Zealand, we are allowed to expand our bubbles and havegatherings of up to 10 ppl. we have so far had coffee out twice, going for lunch today.. We are now firm converts of online grocery shopping!

@Marisa the busy flights are just starting to pick back up... from a friend who's a flight attendant with one airline and a family member who's a pilot with another airline. They told us flights were fairly slim until the past 2-3 weeks. Mainly biz execs or important essential flyers mostly. It's smart to give yourselves time to make sure you are all good. I had one friend who got stuck in Hawaii... (poor thing, LoL) but she was stuck with another friend of ours while visiting and he told her to stay. Well... she's now back home BUT they are engaged. hahahaha We've all known each other for 10+ yrs and hubs and I always thought they would end up together. It's kind of funny, made me wonder how may extra kiddos in 9 months and new marriages will come out of the lockdown. LoL smiley

So.... I myself went for a car ride with hubs twice this past week... The pup and I stayed in the car but hubs picked up a Best Buy PC part... and then my meds for me. It was so weird seeing how different the world is out there than the last time I had been out in first week of March. Half were with masks, Half were not... I hadn't seen any of this since I hadn't left my house other than the neighborhood walks and no one was out.
I'm sort of looking forward to getting to actually walk into a store again soon, I hope. I have several Dr's & Dentist appts starting the first and second weeks of June, so it'll be good for me... trying to be BRAVE in a whole new world. So much Fear has been pushed on us. It's hard when you have issues I'm sure for some to not just be paralyzed by that Fear. I could see how this could really cause mental anguish/damage for some people with severe anxiety. I hate that aspect of this for people. smiley

I work in a grocery store so have been working the whole time. The kids started back at school this week and I am glad to see them go back. We have very few cases where I am in Australia now but I haven't dropped my guard when it comes to making sure I keep my hands clean etc. We have eaten take out and been bush walking as a family. As I am a bit of a homebody staying home was no problem for me when I wasn't working.

It's such a confusing time, as we just don't have enough precedent to know what making a good decision means. It makes everything more stressful than we're used to. Just mentioning this if you're feeling extra stress or tension and don't know why. smiley I was listening to a podcast where they were talking about how every little decision we make now can be seem like a giant moral choice, which gets really exhausting after a while. I don't have any answers, and I don't think anyone really does, but just a reminder to take it easy on yourself and others. smiley smiley

My sister went to the DR and she's diabetic *(has been since her second pregnancy, many years now). Anyhow, she was having probs with her sugar dropping and then going out rageous high over and over. After several tests, they finally found her cortisol levels were 12X higher than normal. They said this is becoming common place the past couple months. The stress is causing peoples anxiety to rise (they actually have a name for it already Covid induced anxiety, I forgot what she said it was called tho). But they basically told her it wasn't really her diabetes, it's the high stress levels creating the high cortisol which affects your body's blood sugar. Really scary how the people that aren't even getting Covid are having major health issues due to other issues revolving around it. I imagine this will be around a while, too... unfortunately because there still seem to be so many "unknowns" about our immediate futures.
One example: even though restaurants were told they could reopen. NONE in our area are doing anything differently than during the shut down. It's still only take out because the square footage of their establishments only allows the number of people in there that they already have as working employees. smiley

Hi Shawna,

I'm also a Type 2 diabetic & it's true anxiety does cause higher blood glucose levels. These times are very stressful and that definitely affects it.

I was due for my regular hba1c test this month (blood test to see how well my diabetes in controlled over the past few months) but I'm deferring it for another month or so as there's still a lot of virus in our community (Toronto) and my diabetes & age (64) make me higher risk.

It's usually higher for me this time of year due to spring allergies (stress on the body raises blood glucose levels for those with diabetes.)

Hi all.
Were fortunate in Australia that things are going well so far. I'm in an area in Queensland were we havent had any cases fro about a month. Our restrictions have lifted so that life has almost gone back to normal. Still maintaining social distance but were allowed and about for non essentials. Kids have been back at school for 2 weeks now (phew!). A few of our cafes and restaurants have reopened here too

My husband still works, but he's in a private office and the work is outside (asphalt plant), so my son and I have been home. The most I've done was drive to the bank and back (30 mins away)... we moved further away from our bank and I took a new route, my son played on my phone and I relied on printed directions (so ancient) and I got lost. Cars move too fast these days, to rely on printed maps!

At home, we've had family visit, mainly my stepsons and both of our parents. Our school just ended for the year and Tuesday, we're doing a contact-less drive-thru pickup/drop off, that involves us placing the items in our trunks!

We're having a hard time finding a pool, something big enough for the adults to dip into, that isn't $400 used! I told my husband, "let's just buy three big storage totes, fill them up and sit in them!" smiley

Holly, my mom's house is the same way. She has my grandma living with her, she's in her 80's and has COPD. It doesn't stop my grandma from going to the store (hopefully with a mask!). My mom wears a mask, but all three of them say "it's just the flu". My mom has Reynaud's and Lupus, she doesn't need to take any chances.

The biggest thing that bothers me, is the ones that say "I'm not afraid of getting it, so I'm not going to wear a mask", not taking into consideration for others that could get it, if that person is a carrier and the risk they're putting on their own spouse and kids! Yes, they might not get it, but then their kid does... how horrible would that make them feel??

We are very lucky here in Western Australia, NOT one case here, among the public, BUT we have had cases come in on boats and planes, and they have to quarantine for 2 weeks first, but our other states have had second waves and recovered and now borders are going to open up, we have been the last border to open to other states, as our Premier is very cautious and has looked after us, my daughter, grandson and I have just purchased masks and filters, we will use them when people start to come into WA as I am old in my 70s have CLL, Diabetes and a whole lot of other crap, and my daughter has low immune system also, we are stocking up on essentials gradually an extra box, packet or can on shopping days just in case. And Katherine Neilley, it is amazing the amount that state (it is not a pandemic), well we know where their brains are at.

Not yet for me. I have been under the strictest level of lockdown in the UK since March (tier 3) and have not left the house since then due to being an extremely vulnerable adult. I am able to get grocery deliveries so at least that is something. I am not expecting to be able to leave any time soon either. To be fair my life hasn't changed that much as I am usually housebound any way and none of my family live nearby so I rarely interact with other humans much (my Husband does everything I can't). Keep your spirits up and hopefully it will return to some level of normality as soon as possible x Stay safe x

We are a "hot spot" again here in Toronto, Canada and our numbers are back up. Our Ontario provincial govt hasn't been consistent IMHO they didn't learn anything from the first wave and have been too slow to respond.

During the summer when our numbers were better, I was able to visit my 92 yr old mom who lives in a long term care home several times, outside, physically distanced with a mask after a negative covid test.

Unfortunately my mom's home in a bad outbreak (during the first wave, they only had 2 cases). This outbreak was started by an asymptomatic staff member who inadvertently brought this virus in. (Our govt should have increased the frequency of testing. Once a week is NOT enough!). Over 50% of the home is now positive (50+ residents) and sadly they've lost 15 residents to date. The home is now getting assistance from a local hospital. My mom was diagnosed positive 10 days ago but to date, she remains without any symptoms. (Update my mom never did develop symptoms and has been cleared, considered to be infection free. Sadly the death toll in her home is now 20. The number of infections among residents is starting to decline but they are still getting new staff cases.).Her doctor calls & updates us most days & I've talked to her on video calls.

My dad who still lives in their retirement home (she moved to long term care because of her Alzheimer's) and is on lockdown. At 94, he's getting frail but still is very sharp mentally. He worries that they won't see each other again as one of them may die before the pandemic ends. I call him every day.

I've generally been careful myself (65 in March & Type 2 diabetic) and only go out for necessities since the fall. Our entire province Ontario is on lockdown as of Dec 26th- 1 month till the end of January for the south (where most of the population & cases are), 2 weeks in the north. Our premier didn't want to close the schools but our numbers have been climbing & I think it was necessary.

The cases are picking up again here in South Texas. My son lives in San Antonio and said there were rumours that they might start limiting (if not closing) some things in San Antonio/ Austin again.

I am one of the lucky ones, we live in Perth Western Australia, our borders are closed, no Covid among the people, but there are cases on arrivals at airport, so they have to go into 14 days quarantine, but other states have it, we have to thank our Premier Marc MAcGowan for using his common sense.

I'm in the UK and the new strain is spreading fast - I'm still currently expected to send my son back to school on Tuesday (if you don't send your child to school you can receive a fine) so it's worrying at the moment. I work in retail in an "essential" store (selling DIY/trade stuff) so while the others are closed and are click and collect only, we still have people coming into our shop as well but where I live we are currently "tier 4" which is the highest with lots of closures and a stay at home order in place. I have only been leaving the house to go to work (had last week off though) or to go grocery shopping and that's it. Just hunkering down at home and watching the news as the government have now said London schools will remain closed for now but there is uproar that they aren't closing all schools in England - my son has an inset day on Monday so only staff are due to go in... While I'm trying not to read the news all the time, I also need to be up to date on things going on, so it's a double edge sword.

Kirsty, I have a cousin living in London (married an Englishman years ago) and her dad (my uncle) insisted on flying to London in early December even though our govt advises against travel. This was a few days before news of the new variant was reported. He's a widower, lonely & she's his only child but he's high risk (88, obese, high blood pressure). He is very stubborn. My dad (his older brother of 94) tried to talk him out of it without any success. This is the 2nd time he's gone to England during the pandemic!

Now our govt has suspended all flights from the UK until Jan 6th. We have no idea when he'll be able to come back to Canada. (It will also mean a negative Covid test prior to boarding & a 2 week house quarantine after.)

Sending prayers for all affected by Covid.

I just faxed back a signed a letter of permission for my 92 year old mom who lives in a long term care home to receive the Moderna vaccine on January 12th. (I'm her power of attorney as she has Alzheimer's).

Her home has been badly hit by Covid (20 deaths, 7 in her hall), the outbreak has lessened for residents although it is still increasing for staff. Right now, the home is receiving additional support and staffing from a local hospital & the Canadian Red Cross.

Although my mom was lucky to not have symptoms when she had Covid, we are following their recommendation that all people (residents, staff & essential caregivers) be vaccinated.

Anne, hopefully your uncle will be able to return home fairly soon - we have just gone under lockdown as the cases are still soaring, until mid Feb at the earliest.

We go out for basic necessities and that's about it. I don't mind though, I'm a bit of a homebody anyways. When we do get out to do our shopping, we are required to wear masks in EVERY store. It's mandatory now. Because I work at a nursing home, I have been wearing a mask since Covid hit. So I'm quite used to it. We had the first outbreak at our local hospital last week. So it's really hitting home. My dad was in the hospital at the time of the outbreak and I was seriously worried but the ward was immediately quarantined so that was a relief. It's a scary world nowadays.

Our cases in southern USA go up and down. We do get out, but always wear our masks, and we don't attend any crowd functions. We do check often on hubby's 85-1/2 year old mother 10 minutes away who lives alone in an apartment in a senior community. We do see close friends and family, but not for any heavily attended functions. We didn't gather with them for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We are about to get our first great-grandchild at the end of February and we are bringing our gift to the expectant parents this weekend as I will not be attending the baby shower next weekend because of the crowd and not knowing most of the young people there or where they have been.

Cheryl Chandler, I have a local friend whose grand-daughter lives somewhere in Australia and she's been sharing on Face Book how well controlled the pandemic is there because of the restrictions. Wish we had done as well here.

I live in Western Australia where its really safe compared with everyone else.. but I am a high risk person with autoimmune problems, asthma and other assorted stuff.. my Dr told me I have to wear a mask until a vacc is available and I think our government have taken a lets see how the vaccines go before getting ours... make sure its safe to use. We have been so lucky over here, I have kept an eye on the news from around the world and even tho I am not allowed out much (hubby wont let me), I feel lucky.. my heart goes out to everyone else, I can not even begin to think I know what you all are going thro...
I have had medical issues all year last year so have been fairly quiet on the net and of course here, been allergies, asthma and my usual infections.... I've gone back to my photography and popped up photos on a group (a type of support group) and apparently my pics are a hit... am just getting back into scrapkitting and tube making.. so you'll probably see me back in here smiley