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Photoshop Elements Magazine

Has anyone else subscribed to this magazine? I recently bought the digital subscription- makes for great reading on the ipad when waiting for the kids at one of their activities.

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I will have to check this out - I wonder if you can get a trial??

No trial, but easy refund policy. You also get access to all issues 8 years worth. I like the no ads aspect.

Do you men this one?
You can trial it before subscribing.
I have been a subscriber for a couple of years and find it a great resource for learning. They do send it all over the world if you want the physical edition rather than online. My copy comes from France all the way downunder to Oz.
The current issue has a 'Digital Scrapbooking Workshop' and a 'Steampunk' article/lesson.

Yes, that's it. Thanks for the correction on trialing. It is a great magazine.

I have subscribed to this magazine for 3 or 4 years. I've saved all my magazines in a binder and have loaned the binder to a friend who is just starting out in Elements. Once you subscribe you have full access to all past magazines. There is also the ability to search for whatever it is you're trying to do and having a little trouble with. Plus there are video tutorials that come with pdf downloadable instructions. This is really a great learning tool for Elements and they have recently included articles for Lightroom. I highly recommend it for Element users.