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Jordan, I just used my 10 dc for the day 6-24-2013 and 20 were taken. I am not having a good day today, hope your day is better. Now short 20 dCs.

Thank you so much Jordan! The "already downloaded this kit" will be a great addition! Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate all that you do to make this such a great place to come to! smiley

@Kristine: I was just looking over the links you posted, and they all seem to be appearing in the kit. Is this what was showing for you?

Jordan, I did find that I did download a kit on the 6-23. I did not realize it was downloaded and I could not see it on my computer but as I was looking through the kits I found that the pu version of the kit was downloaded, show I downloaded the commercial version on 6-25. I am still missing 10 dcs. from 6-24, the site took 20dc and I only downloaded the personal version. It was Oxford Paper Set #2 Kit.

@Beverly: Not sure exactly what happened there, but I've given you 10 DC + 5 bonus DC. Sorry for the strange behavior. Let me know if you experience anything like this again.

Thank you so much Jordan. Very very kind of you. Hope the trip is going well for you and Marisa.

I have downloaded this product for commercial use:
and while my DC went down from 31 to 29 and I can see a pink note on the product page now saying "You downloaded this item for commercial use on Jun 28 2013. Please Donate Now if you would like to be able to re-download items for free." I was never taken to a downloading link or direct download. I have tried to see if there was an "order history" section in our accounts, but it does not seem to be the case...

Hi Sonia, sorry to hear about your trouble. Have you been able to download anything else from the site, or are all downloads not working? I recently discovered a javascript issue that breaks the downloads for a small percentage of users (perhaps including yourself). I'm going to be working to solve the problem.

For now, you can get around this problem by disabling javascript in your web browser.

If you don't know how to disable javascript in your browser, you can download the Firefox browser here, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Firefox options menu (see screenshot).
  2. Uncheck the "enable javascript" check box, and then click "Okay" to save your changes (see screenshot).
  3. Now try downloading something from Pixel Scrapper, using Firefox.

Let me know if that solves the issue for you!

Hi Jordan,

So, am I understanding this thread and the rules about DC correctly that my points have not gone above 7 because I have not spent any in the past couple of days even though I have been participating when I have been on the site?



Thanks for the question Lisa: yes, that is correct. Free daily download credits do not accumulate, so you need to spend your free credits eveyr day in order to get more the next day. This help page might help make things more clear.

Does that make sense? Do you have any suggestions for a better system, or less confusing system? We're always very happy for feedback!

It's my third day on here and I have yet to receive my daily DC. I have what's left of what I started with when I signed up.

Hi Stefanee, welcome! and sorry about the confusion. I just checked your account, and you currently have 20 DC total. Of those, 12 are left over from the free credits you received for signing up, and 8 are free daily download credits. If you spend 8 or fewer credits, you will receive the same number overnight as free daily credits.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Ok I think I got it smiley Thank you!

Sorry Marisa,
I just saw that you replied to me too as well as Jordan. And the answer to your question is no, this did not show up when I purchased them. I use this feature all the time. Just like I had another issue similar to this just a few days ago where I accidently downloaded the same thing three times because the "your download was successful" did not show up at the top of the page after I downloaded each time. Yet, after I was done I had three perfect downloads of the same file. I was downloading boarders that all looked similar so I was relying on the feature to help me with what I had and hadn't downloaded. I notified Jordan but can't remember where I put the e-mail now, and can't find it in the forum. Thanks for getting back to me. The first item has been resolved.

Hi Jordan,

I did not get my daily points today. It is very early, but I was up early yesterday and they were there.


It's not that early here (almost 8am) but I didn't get my credits today, either. Thanks!

hi i logged in this morning around 5 am no credits and just tried it now at 8 am no credits yet can u help me? thanks

It's not just you guys, my download credits weren't updated this morning either. smiley

I also did not receive my download credits today! smiley

I am only getting 5 credits instead of 9. I think this started yesterday.

Hey everyone, sorry for the missing daily credits. We'll be sending you some bonus ones over the next couple of days. Please see this announcement.

Hi all
No credit here either . . . smiley

I got the makeup points last night but today did not get the daily ones

No DC today. Thought I'd share just in case this was another glitch. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

No Dc points today or yesterday. I did get some for the day missed. At least I think they were for the day missed. In three days, including today. I have gotten 10 DC points. Thank you for all you do.


Dear Jordan,
I got the same problem as everybody. No free DC today. Since about one week, I received the free DC every two days. Snif ... thanks much for your help and work !

Hi, No DC today. Thanks for your help. Usually 10 DC

You are probably aware there is a problem, but I didn't get my DC's yesterday or today either. Not that it is a huge deal.....everything you do is very much appreciated.

same here,so it looks like it affects more people.

Have a nice day,


Hi Jordan,
sorry about the crash! We appreciate all you do! Everything worked fine for me yesterday and I downloaded stuff. But today, I haven't received any credits at all, so something is still not right.

Please know that this is NOT an emergency, and if you don't figure it out till sometime next week, that is fine. Go rest and you and Marisa have a wonderful Labor Day. After the past few DEFINATELY deserve some time off.

I'm pretty sure that my time zone was set by me when I signed up to EST but I'm going to go check that again. Maybe with the drive crashing my time zone got messed up.