Support Request Guidelines: read before posting!

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Support Request Guidelines: read before posting!

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper: we're glad to have you here! If you're having trouble with some aspect of the site, you're in the right place: we want to help! But first...


1. Upload a profile picture and fill out your profile (unless this is the problem you are having!). You can do this by clicking on the "My Profile" link underneath your username in the upper right-hand corner of the site (see screenshot). This lets us know that you are serious about being a community member at Pixel Scrapper, and you are much more likely to get prompt help.

2. If you are having trouble understanding something about Community Points or Download Credits , read through the support pages that I just linked to. Realize that community points and download credits are not the same thing. In brief:

  • You get community points for interacting on the site, which accumulate, and which you should never lose.
  • You get a certain number of download credits each day (based on how many community points you have accumulated), which are shown next to your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the site, and these go down every time you download something.

3. Read through the Support Pages. We have information available on:

4. Glance over previous support requests in this forum, and see if your problem has been solved before.

5. If the site seems to be behaving strangely, try downloading and using a different browser, and see if that resolves the issue. We recommend Google Chrome, or Firefox. Sometimes a setting gets set in a browser which causes it not to work properly.

6. Please understand that this website is run by two people who don't get paid much, and who work very hard. If you want us to take the time to help you, please indicate that you have taken the time to read through these guidelines and apply them.

If you still need help, go ahead and post your problem using these guidelines:

  • Please use clear, concise language, and describe your problem FULLY. Don't assume that we will automatically know what you are talking about.
  • Let us know what operating system you are using (Windows, Mac), and what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • If appropriate, upload a screenshot indicating the problem you are having, and provide a link to the screenshot (you can upload screenshots to for free, without registering).

TYVM for this orientation, I got confuse with the community points and the download credits, that's really new and an adventure. Now I see where I can find. Happy Holidays!;)

Hi Jordan,
I wasn't sure where to post this for sure. But I wanted you to be aware of something that happened to me yesterday 7/10/13 at about 2:30am pacific time. I had three boarder templates that I was wanting to download. I wasn't paying complete attention obviously but thought as I usually do I was relying upon the successful download message at the top of the screen. It turned out for the first time ever that notice did not appear at the top of the screen all three times I download the same boarder template. Have you had this happen before? I had to check it twice because I thought what have I done? But it really didn't show up. I did end up with three successful downloads of the same boarder template on my end. I wanted you do be aware of this.

Thank you very much!

Hi Kristine. Thanks for letting me know about your problem. Please see this thread for more information and to further report on this issue.

So I'm posting this here because my problem is preventing me from starting a new thread!! smiley

I click the add new topic button, type my question, hit save and then it goes to a blank screen.

When I check the forum, my new topic is nowhere to be found.

I've tried from two different computers now, once last night at home and this morning at work.

Both browsers are firefox, haven't been updated in the last week or anything. I also just tried it in IE, didn't work there either.

Let me know if there's anything else you need to know.


I just tried again after the site was down for maintenance, it's fixed. smiley