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Photoshop Filters

Filters for Photoshop is a powerful function that allows one to manipulate images easily.

I have used them to create borders around pictures. To create interesting backgrounds. Or to take a picture that just did not turn out the way I expected it to; I created an interesting background to create a neat one of a kind scrapbook page.

Before correcting color on an image that was scanned. The first thing I do is use the dust and scratches filter.

You can find a wealth of free and to buy filters on the web.

Has anyone else used filters?

I use them all the time as well as actions - and yes, tons and tons of free stuff on the interwebs. Pinterest is a good place to check for Photoshop freebies. What are your favorite filters?

There are a number of filters that come with Photoshop and I like them all. The sketch filter is neat. It changes a picture to look as if it was pen or charcoal drawing.

I use it sometimes but not very often smiley Don't know why actually, havn't got there yet i supose smiley Maybe i'll check it out more to see what i'm missing smiley

I find there are two kinds of people - those who like to mess with their pictures and those who like to leave them alone. If you like to play with your pics, and go all artsy on them, then filters (and actions) are for you!

I guess i'm not that kind of person smiley I've used filters for like textures only smiley I like to use like edgemask etc on photos when i want them more grungy smiley

I use filters and I love them!!! Sometimes it gives life for a photography, paper or element.

I've never really tried filters. I'm more of an action gal. I may need to play around a bit more to see whether they can work for me or not. For those of you who use them, would you mind listing them (if they're freebies)?

Flaming Pear has a lot of free and to buy filters

Flaming Pear has been around for many years. Thanks for putting in the link.

Thanks for the link. I'll give a couple of them a shot and see whether I like them or not. smiley