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PS Oct 2013 Blog Train Poll

So many ideas! I tried to pick out several different palettes to give everyone a good selection. And I'm going to go ahead and call the theme "Thankful" regardless of what palette we pick.

Palette #4 image
Palette #4
37% (32 votes)
Palette #2 image
Palette #2
30% (26 votes)
Palette #1 image
Palette #1
23% (20 votes)
Palette #3 image
Palette #3
8% (7 votes)
Total votes: 85

i voted p.s how can i participate as a designer ?


Voted. lovely choices.

Yeah I voted, love the choices it was hard to choose

Voted but had a tough choice btwn one and two!! Thanks


ugh! I love them all!!! how can I pick!?!?! smiley

I voted for the one I thought would go better with no-thanksgiving kit, since we don´t celebrate thanksgiving here....

Beautiful palettes! I'm hoping to participate for the first time with this one - I've never designed before, but I think I'm up for the challenge. smiley


I voted! They look fun to work with!

Beautiful choices! I voted for my fav.

Hi Melanie,
Anyone can participate, just keep an eye out for the planning thread. That usually appears once the colors/theme are chosen.

I had the toughest time choosing! I really like 3 of them! In the end I chose the colors I thought I'd most likely use to actually scrap. smiley

lovely choices...I went for one that was different to what I'd usually choose, LOL! Would love to join in as a designer and will watch for the planning thread smiley x

Very nice colours...hard to choose. But I went with the ones I might get the best out of smiley

Lovely choices Marisa - like them all this time!!

Voted but what a difficult choice... hoping I will get to participate this time.....

See here for details on joining (everyone is welcome).

Hi Marisa, love the colors and voted for my fav, so I decided to join this one with everyone.... ((HUGS)) Michelle

SURE! Give me all the choices I LIKE! Okay, I voted.

Voted! =D Loved all of these palettes. smiley

Voted! Those are really good colors smiley

These were all amazing! I agree with you, Lorien. We also don't have Thanksgiving so it would be nice to consider just being thankful and not the actual holiday. That and we don't have turkeys...

No turkeys? Well, in fact, it´s not common here in Brazil anymore too. They used to be eaten at Christmas feast, but are too expensive now, in a way most of the families are using other kinds of meat, like large chicken....

Love your choose Ladies!!!!

Great choices, but I voted for my fav!

I LOVE the jewel tones!!

Voted! All such beautiful colors!

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