PHOTOSHOP: Blurring Faces in LOs

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PHOTOSHOP: Blurring Faces in LOs

I have Photoshop CS5. I've figured out how to go to the "Filter" menu and select "Blur". But its not blurry enough so I have to keep going back up to "Blur More". Does anyone know if there is anyway to preset a blur so I can just easily do this in the future with a click or two?

Thank you!!

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You could try selecting Gaussian blur, that menu will give you lots of options to blur, so you can select your own settings. I think you can even save them or make PS remember, but I am not behind my desktop so I can't check that right now...

You can also use the Pixelate filter. I usually use the lasso tool to select the face, then use Filter -> Pixelate -> Mosaic and set it around 35-40.

Play with the different blur options.

The Field, Iris, and Tilt Blur will allow you to select the area and amount. There are sliders that show up as a panel to adjust the amounts.

The Surface Blur will bring up a dialog box that allows you to adjust the depth of blur.

After you find what works for you create an action to do the job for you.

Thanks for the tips ladies, I'll have to go back and play around some more with it!

I am not sure why you are blurring faces. If you are blurring in order to hide identity in LOs to post in the gallery, I usually just use the smudge tool. It is simple and quick. But if you are doing it on a large scale and for a different purpose, them this may not work.

As does Cat, I use the lassoo tool to indicate where I want the blur effect to be used but as Melo mentioned, the gaussian Blur is your best bet. Once you have a blur you're happy with, if you want to use the same settings again on another photo, create an action, then you'll be able to blur with 1 click. I did a Google search for how to create actions, on the chance you didn't already know and found this:

Thank you Rose. Actions do save time. The link is a great.

Thank you Rose. Actions do save time. The link is a great.

You're very welcome. smiley

Yep, I was going to suggest an action as well. I have several that I use over and over. They're real time savers!